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Transformers Questions.(in Hindi)
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This lesson covers 10 most important questions of transformers expected in SSC JE 2018-19 examination.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava
B.Tech in Electrical Engineering. Former Graduate Engineer Trainee. Qualified AIEEE, UPSEE, UP Polytechnic, AMCAT & other examinations.

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I was struggling in it for 2 days butsir you solved the problem in 15min Thanks
Ssc je exam Gujarati language main de sakte Hai
No. (Only Hindi or English language allowed)
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Nice sir and thankq for vedeo
  1. Transformers Questions Expected in SSC JE 2018-19

  2. Abhishek Kumar Srivastava B.Tech in Electrical Engineering Former Graduate Engineer Trainee. AIEEE, UPSEE, JEECUP, AMCAT Qualified. Profile Link: Srivastava

  3. Q.1 Transformer oil is used as Options: 1) An insulator 2) A coolant 3) both insulator & coolant 4) inert medium

  4. Q.2 - Which is to be short circuited on performing short circuit test on a transformer? Options: 1) Low Voltage Side 2) Primary side 3) High voltage Side 4) secondary side

  5. Q.3 - A Single Phase 50Hz transformer has high voltage and low voltage windings of 2200/220 V. What is the Transformation ratio? Options: Transformation ratio K N2/N1-V,/V 2 1 K 220 2200 K 1/10 1) 10 2) 1/10 3) 1 4) None of these K> 1 Step up K< 1 Step down

  6. Q.4- The primary and secondary windings of an Auto transformer are Options: 1) magnetically coupled 2) electrically coupled 3) both magnetically and electrically coupled 4) None of these

  7. Q.5 A 40KVA transformer has a core loss of 450 W and total loss of 800 W. Find the copper loss for Maximum efficiency. Options: 1) 350 W 2) 800 W 3) 450 W 4) None of these For maximum efficiency, Core loss Copper loss Copper loss = 450 W

  8. Q.6 The use of higher flux density in the transformer design Options: 1) reduces the weigh per KVA 2) increases the weight per KVA 3) has no relation with the weight of transformer 4) None of these

  9. Q.7 - The core flux in transformer depends mainly on Options: 1) Supply voltage 2) Supply voltage, Frequency and Load 3) Supply voltage and Load 4) Supply voltage and Frequency

  10. Q.8 Secondary winding of an auto transformer is also called Options: 1) compensating winding 2) common winding 3) tertiary winding 4) damping winding

  11. Q.10 Single Phase transformers can be used in parallel only when their voltages are Options: 1) Equal 2) Unequal 3) Zero 4) None of these