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Topic 1 : Difference between Public and Private Bill (In Hindi).
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In this lesson Rahul Agrawal has explained the difference between Public and Private Bill. Must Watch video.

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Rahul Agrawal
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First private bill was:The muslim wakfs bill1952 . Bill introduced by Syed Mohammed Ahmed Jasmine and passed in 1954.
Sir plz economy ka bhi course bnayie bhut difficult lgti h kuch samj nhi aa rha kya pade or kya skip kre specially ramesh singh book se important topics ka course bnayie plz
1st Private bill passed successfully was THE MUSLIM WAKFS bill in 1952 by syed md. ahmed kasmi.
The Muslim Wakfs Bill, 1952. The bill was introduced by Syed Mohammed Ahmed Kasmi in the Lok Sabha and passed in 1954.
Wow Sir, This is very useful course who covers all the important points with relevant examples to understand better Thanks Sir Make more such interesting and highly confusing topics. Thanks a lot Sir.
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  2. WHAT IS A BILL? Proposal for legislation and it becomes an act/law when duly passed by the both houses of parliament and signed by the president of India. Cleared ? 0 R. AGRAWAL

  3. Difference Between Public And Private Bill PARLIAMENT PARLIAMENT Rajya sabha Lok sabha Rajya sabha Lok sabha Minister's+ Non Minister's Minister's+Non Minister's L. PUBLIC BILL PRIVATE BILL R. AGRAWAL

  4. THE DIFFERENCE Let's Begin! INTRODUCTION 01 INTRODUCTION Introduced by a minister 01 Introduced by any member other than a minister DURATION REQUIRED DURATION REQUIRED 02 It's introduction requires 7 days notice in the house 02 It's introduction requires 1 month's notice in the house WHAT DOES IT REFLECTS? WHAT DOES IT REFLECTS? 03 03 Reflects the policies of the government/ruling party Reflects opposition parties stand on public matter R. AGRAWAL

  5. THE DIFFERENCE Let's Begin! CHANCES OF APPROVAL CHANCES OF APPROVAL 04 04 Greater chance to be approved by the parliament Less chance to be approved by the parliament REJECTION 05 05 REJECTION No implications Rejection means loss of parliamentary confidence in the government/resignation ALSO CALLED AS Also called as government's bill ALSO CALLED AS 03 03 Also called as Private member bill R. AGRAWAL

  6. SOME FACTS 01 Generally most private bills don't even reach the discussion stage. 02 Only 14 private member's bills passed since independence 03 Out of 300 odd private member's bill introduced in the 14th lok Sabha, only 490 were discussed. 04 Private member can be of ruling as well as opposition party. In april 2015, tiruchi siva's the rights of transgender persons bill, 2014 became the first private member's bill to be passed by the rajya sabha in 45 years 05 R. AGRAWAL

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  8. WHY ARE SO FEW PRIVATE MEMBER'S BILL PASSED? Ruling party has more number of seats in the lok sabha, they will not allow the bill to be passed. Private bill is an intrusion in government's legislative initiative. How can it let the bill get passed? The time allocated is also very less. R. AGRAWAL

  9. THANKS! Keep calm and practice Polity concepts! 01 Rate, review, recommend. 02 Comment your queries. Share the lesson as much as you can. 03 Follow me: https://unacademy.Com/user/rahul agrawal 04 R. AGRAWAL