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Tips to master DILR
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In this lesson, the syllabus of DILR, Preparation strategies and overview of this course have been discussed.

Riya Agarwal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Riya Agarwal
I'm here to liberate & share my knowledge. Shortly, all DI and LR lessons will be available, in English & Hindi. Also, past year papers.

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Aphelion on 4 July Perihelion on 3 January
Ma'am I'm Starting preparation of CAT now so I'm a bit worried about that would i be abel to clear it or not & also 1 doubt for DILR i'm watching ur videos , for verbal and Quants which educators are best here , any suggestions from ur side ???
I have knowledge on basics and I would like to crack Cat 2018 with 50days preparation.. is it possible? if yes how should i go through.. can I get help from you regarding this.. thanks in advance
Riya Agarwal
a year ago
Yes Ajay. It is possible. All you need to do is practice. Practice as much as you can, so that your mind can get adapted to the logical way of thinking.
What to do I m little weaker in this section comparison other.. please suggest
Riya Agarwal
a year ago
Hi Sachin, please focus on concept building first and then move to solve tougher questions. you'll find all topic wise conceptual courses on DI and LR in my profile. Go through them and get back to me. I'll suggest you what to do next.
should we start from basic level but mam here is you put advanced lession first
Riya Agarwal
a year ago
These problems will be in random order. Cause these are practice papers, for those who already have a clear basic. For basic level preparation you can first complete concept based courses and then come to practice course.
Shubham Garg
a year ago
ok mam
jari-buti for DI LR..? LOL (^O^)

  2. About Me I hold a B.E degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering . CAT, 17: DI & LR-98.29 %ile. Follow me on the Unacademy learning app for all conceptual courses and previous year papers on DI & LR topics for CAT and other B-school entrance exams: Not all are born Einstein's but trust me with hard work and dedication we can together make it possible.


  4. LOGICAL REASONING: Seating Arrangement >Complex Data Arrangement >Matching Puzzle Team Formations Quantitative Reasoning

  5. DATA INTERPRETATION: Table Bar Charts Pie Charts Line Graph/X-Y Graph Case let

  6. VERBAL REASONING and OTHER REASONING TYPES: Syllogisms Binary Logic >Venn Diagram Blood Relations > Numbers and letter series, etc.

  7. How to Prepare?

  8. LOGICAL REASONING: With lots of practice you need to develop . Ability to analyze information and reach proper conclusion in as less as possible time. Ability to pick sets wisely. . Assuming data of any kind is injurious to your score. So, be very careful! Stick to the information conveyed by the given problem. (P.S. This is I think the most commonly committed mistake in logical reasoning section)

  9. DATA INTERPRETATION Interpreting the question correctly plays an important role here. Since, the data that is necessary to solve those question will be mostly given directly in the form of graphs/ charts/tables >Choosing sets wisely is important, as some sets could be deceptive. It would seem to be less challenging, but turn out otherwise. >With practice you can overcome the threat of being deceived. Mostly, DI involves many high school mathematics topics like ratio, percentage, averages, profit / loss, etc. So, it's important to keep the basics clear to attain maximum calculation efficiency and speed.



  12. 3. Keep an eye on the watch. While you practice, assess which kind of problem requires more time by clocking yourself. . Play the "Challenge game" with yourself. Move out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to solve a certain question within stipulated time. Once you achieve a target, make it even more challenging. It time to test your limits.

  13. Keep Calm and Practice a lot!

  14. Overview of the course: . Vast number of problems from different topics and of different difficulty level .At least 1 question will be posted daily At the end of most question you'll find some reasoning question, which you need to solve and answer through comments. .In the title of the lesson, the information about the difficulty level will be given as follows: . Basic Level- Easy Intermediate Level - Moderate .Advance Level Hard Expert Level - Harder than Hard, calculation intensive.

  15. Happy Learning!