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Time Management And Productivity
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Who better than Kiran Bedi, the first woman IPS officer, to talk about the Time Management and Productivity. In this enthralling talk, she tells about how she has been able to reach the zenith of success in such a less time. She also talks about the energy present in each of us and how we must focus it in the right direction. Learn how to be efficient and productive by managing your time effectively from this inspiring talk.

Kiran Bedi
India's First Woman IPS officer, Magsaysay Awardee, Former UN Police Advisor. Ph.D. from IIT Delhi. Voted as most Trusted and Admired Woman.

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Good Class sir thank you 😊
Akhil A S
a year ago
Welcome .keep study well
We Admire and Salute You Mam....and much more .......I too take this opportunity to thank Unacademy ..........great work
thnx dear teacher friend kiran bedi ji. Ma'am you are my role model
Its 50400 seconds only if we remove 10 hrs for sleep and other activities..scary thought!
it seems u r talking personally with me ...thank u very much mam.....and special thanks to Roman sir and team ..because of them I can listion the personality like u so closely....
Thank you very much mam for this valuable video.....You are an inspiration to whole India.
  1. Time Management & Productivity PRESENTED BY KIRAN BEDI

  2. About me .India's first woman to join Officer Ranks of the Indian Police n Service (Retired) Magsaysay Awardee Former UN Police Advisor Asian Tennis Champion PhD from IIT Delhi Voted Most Trusted and Admired Woman

  3. Matter of Seconds We get 86,400 seconds each day Every night this account becomes empty We are left with no credit Cannot store or overdraw Investing these 86,4o0 seconds is in our hands

  4. Matter of Seconds Health, happiness and success depend on it . Whether we fail or pass depends on variable factors Each one of us arrives with the gift of energy . We draw energy from what we think and what we do .Doing it in the right way & right amount is important

  5. Listen to the body clock Our body system has an inbuilt clock Makes us aware of the needs & changes within the body . The clock tells us to listen to the body & change our lifestyle when needed . The body wants attention, care & right use Every purple patch has a time span

  6. Three periods& their purpose Past Present Future The past is for learning from experience to live well in the present and prepare for the future . We must know our high-output and low-output hours

  7. To do more in less time Personal discipline is the key Stick to first things first Make a to-do list and budget your time 80% of the success comes from 20% of your activities

  8. What have you sown? You reap what you sow in those 86,400 seconds If you want trust, are you sowing honesty? .If you want victory, are you sowing perseverance? If you want success, are you sowing hard work? "Fruits of labour are based on the choices you make through the day, one day at a time

  9. Time management and value for time learnt as a child are two of the most valuable assets early in life