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Three Parent Baby
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Three parent baby issues discussed right from its basics.

Nithin Kunneparambil
Gave CSE interview in 2016, First attempt

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please make a lecture on RPA
  1. Course :- On Your Request Lesson :- Three Parent Baby Presented by Nithin Kunneparambil

  2. Context Request from Student!! If you want another topic,do let me know! Ajay Indrakanti 6 days ago Three parent Baby, sir Nithin Kunneparambil Consider it done:) Delete 6 days ago

  3. Before Jumping ahead !! Basics Components of Cell is called Organelles filament Plasma Ribosomes . Nucleus DNA. Genetic Rough endoplasmic reticulum information, Growth Metabolism Nucleus . R bsoomeHER "-Protein Factories Golgi Bodies : - Modifying the protein produced by Ribosome. Golgi Smooth endoplasmic Secretory vesicle . Mitochondria Golgi vesicle Powerhouse Glucose to ATP. (Maternal DNA) Vacuole

  4. Nucleus and DNA . Human Body has 23 pairs of Chromosome, which really defines how we looks, respond and many other things. So the genetic diseases are from this point. . Say cancers through Onco Genes. . However Mitochondria, which has the DNA, is also capable of having faulty DNA.

  5. MitoChondria - Why does it have DNA? - ENDOSYMBIOTIC THEORY !! In Evolutionary terms, Once a Eukaryote ate a Bacterial Cell. .But later it was understood that this Bacteria with Circular DNA was useful for the Energy management strategies of the Cells. . Hence it kept on going But wait - Doesn't Sperm Cell has Mitochondria..

  6. Some examples LHON :- Vison Loss PEARSON SYNDROME:- Pancreas Issues, Anaemia, Diabetes LEIGH SYNDROME :- Loss of Motor Functions, Mental Functions Others like Alzheimers, Diabetes, Parkinson etc are also linked to this.

  7. How do we solve this issue with Mitochondria Alone? Get rid of the faulty mitochondria and Replace it from someone else's healthy Mitochondria. Now question is how do we do it? . Three methods Cytoplasmic Transfer . Spindle Technique ProNuclear Transfer of Fertilized Nucleus into Donar Egg.

  8. Spindle Transfer Faulty MitoChondria Mother Cell Extraction of Nucleus Combining and then Fertilizing Healthy Donar Mito DeNucleated Donar

  9. Problemm Lack of Data because very few of such stuff has happened When the Mitochondrial DNA isnt close match - Metabolic Problems, Faster aging and Obesity observed in Mice. Any complication will be passed on to Generation. Bio Ethics