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The Most Important MCQ from Evolution For NEET and AIIMS (Part 1) (in Hindi)
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Most important MCQ from Evolution For NEET and AIIMS (part 1)

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Dr S K Singh
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Unacademy user
Namaste sir..i also want to ask ..from where i have to start as i m hindi medium student..i ever under estimate myself..kindly guide
Sir aapne is ka lecture vedio dalo plz
7 months ago
you can find Evolution lectures of DR.S.K SINGH in youtube
  1. Question 1 Fossils are most commonly preserved in Metamorphic rocks BIgneous rocks Sedimentary rocks Any type of rock

  2. Question 2 Divergent evolution of a single group of organisms in a new environment is called Adaptive radiation Uniformitarianism Catastrophism Convergent evolution

  3. Darwin judged the fitness of an individual by Ability to defend itself Strategy to obtain food Number of offspring Dominance over other individuals

  4. Question 4 According to Darwin, evolution is AA slow, gradual and continuous process. A sudden but discontinuous process. A slow and discontinuous process. 0% A slow, sudden and discontinuous process.

  5. Question 5 In nature, the process by which different organisms evolve similar traits is called Genetic drift Artificial selection Divergent evolution Convergent evolution

  6. Question 6 Phylogenetic system of classification is based on Floral characters Evolutionary relationships Morphological features Chemical constituents

  7. Question 7 Selective breeding of organisms (Animal husbandry and plant breeding programs) for specific desirable characteristics are examples of AMutation Artificial selection Reverse evolution Natural selection

  8. Question 8 Tendrils in plants are an example of Convergent evolution BAdaptive radiation Divergent evolution Co-evolution

  9. Question y Small and spherical vessels, bounded by a membrane like layer of amino acids are Liposomes Ribozymes Protocell Microspheres

  10. Question 10 Which of the following sentences is correct about microspheres? Don't have all properties of life Composed of many protein molecules Bud to form smaller microspheres All of these are correct

  11. Question 12 Darwin's Finches are an excellent example Of Connecting links Adaptive radiation Seasonal migration Brood parasitism

  12. Question 14 In the case of peppered moth (Biston betularia) the black-coloured form became dominant over the light-coloured form in England during industrial revolution. This is an example o Inheritance of darker colour character acquired due to the darker environment Natural selection whereby the darker forms were selected Appearance of the darker coloured individuals due to very poor sunlight Protective mimicry