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The Last Lesson (in Hindi)
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This lesson contains Cbse class 12th chapter the last lesson in Hindi and English both. You can learn introduction of the last lesson, characters in the chapter, complete summary of the chapter, character sketches of the chapter and important question of the chapter from this video.

Vipul Jain
I am Vipul Jain. I am a software Engineer. I love teaching. I have an experience of 3 years as a teacher. I teach English and computers both

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thanks Abhishek , I am not preparing for anything , just wanted to gain some knowledge about our history and you helped a lot
  1. Chapter 1st- The Last Lesson Introduction Set in the days of Franco-Prussian war Germany occupied two French districts of Alsace and Lorriane. Order from Berlin(largest city of Germany)came that German language was imposed on the French speaking people. Story highlights the dismay and distress of M. Hamel, his students and villagers of Alsace and Lorraine.

  2. Characters in the chapter Franz student in the chapter. . M. Hamel-French teacher in the school.

  3. Summary . Franz started for school very late. . He feared a scolding from M. Hamel (his teacher) e M. Hamel had giving a lesson on participles to all the students. - Franz had not prepared his lesson. . Big crowd in front of the bulletin-board

  4. Summary Bulletin-board People received all kinds of news from here. Franz found school unusually quiet. The usual hustle and bustle, opening and closing of desks, repeated sound of lessons was not there. He went inside the classroom.

  5. Summary Franz was frightened but nothing happened M. Hamel very kindly asked him to go to his place. Franz surprised to sevilager iting at the back desks. Then M. Hamel broke the shocking news that all schools of French districts would teach German from now on.

  6. Summary A new teacher would teach German to them. M. Hamel announced that its his last lesson in French. M. Hamel was a transformed and changed person. He didn't use his ruler when Franz got mixed up.

  7. Summary M. Hamel regretted that the people of Alsace were indifferent of learning their mother- tongue, French. M. Hamel told his students and villagers to quard and respect French and never to forget it. He declared that French was the most beautiful and logical language.

  8. Summary He wanted to speak more but emotions choked him, then he made a gesture with his hand asking then to go out dismissed.

  9. Character-Sketch M. Hamel Sincere French teacher Passionate about French attached to town, school, people eparticular about discipline and learning advises to hold on to French

  10. Character-Sketch Franz Sensitive, Honest e Loves outdoors, sunshine, birds, butterflies, collecting bird's eggs Good observer, notices changes Understands emotions, accepts him with faults