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Test Series Part-5 on Human Resource Management (in Hindi)
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Heena Malhotra
Believe in Conceptual Learning.

Unacademy user
Ur all lectures r very useful for me...I have qualified ugc net jrf ....Thanku Mam
Heena Malhotra
a year ago
Congratulations Sonika 🎉 God bless you :)
a year ago
Thanku Mam...god also blessed u a lot 🤩🤩
Q47 ka ans 4th kyu ni h mam plz explain
5mcq was right
Heena Malhotra
a year ago
Good going :) keep practicing :)
  1. Human Resource Management By Heena Malhotra

  2. Jan 2017 Paper 3


  4. 11. A union of electricians working in different industries is called by which one of the following? (1) Craft Union (3) General Union (2) Industrial Union (4) National Union (4) TER

  5. 12. Which one of the following is not correct about voluntary retirement scheme in public enterprises? (1) It was designed to help enterprises rationalise their surplus manpower. (2) Salary for the purpose of VRS consists of basic pay only (3) Benefits are in addition to money that has accrued to provident fund. (4) Benefit is tax-free severance payment.

  6. 41. Arrange the steps of diagnostic model of human resource management in the correct sequence from the first to the last. Select the code of correct sequence a. Evaluate b. Prescribe c. Diagnose d. Implement Codes: (1) c, b, a, d (3) a, c, d, b (2) (4) c, b, d, a a, c, b, d 31 b. C. c.

  7. Which one of the following is a training technique in which trainees act out parts in a realistic management situation? (1) Action learning (3) Behaviour modelling 42. (2) Role playing (4) Case study (3)

  8. 44. The agreement arrived at during the course of conciliation proceeding in industrial disputes is known as (1) Settlement (3) Reward (2) Award (4) Accord and sanction (3) R

  9. Results of a period that may occur at the initial career entry when the new employee's high job expectations confront the reality of a boring, unchallenging job. This may rightly be attributed to which one of the following? (1) Reality Shock (6) Mental upcharge 45. (2) Mentoring Shock (4) Career upset (2)H

  10. The two dominant aspects of industrial relations scene in the modern industrial society are covered in which one of the following? (1) Conflict and conciliation 2) Cooperation and conciliation (3) Conflict and cooperation 4 Cooperation and codetermination 46.