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Test Series 26 ( miscellaneous MCQ's)
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Pooja Rani
teacher by passion 5 years of Teaching Experience. love to Dance!sing!Travel An Optimistic A YouTuber

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5/5 thnks mam for new concepts
Pooja Rani
a year ago
:) always here for all of u
4/5. Thanks a lot Ma'am.
Pooja Rani
a year ago
  1. unacademV

  2. Price augments of product impact sales positively natural a & b negatively

  3. A marketing strategy in which low-priced unconventional resources are used, often in a local fashion or large system of person cells, to express or encourage a manufactured goods or a plan are right-time marketing demand chain services marketing guerrilla marketing

  4. Nestle Iu

  5. IVEA NIVEA eondlay

  6. When every party has something that might be of worth to other party, it results into marketing activity exchange process market place money exchange

  7. Sales advertising targeted at retailers and wholesalers are known .trade sales promotions consumer sales promotion:s . sales marketing mix

  8. Short period incentive presented to persuade a retailer to stock up on manufactured goods are trade contest dealer loader trade allowances push money