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Terms in Thermodynamics
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Terms in Thermodynamics

Gagan Narang
I am a Master of Science(Physics) student with a mind always open to new research work.

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greta explanation sir
  1. Thermodynamics

  2. In the last lecture we studied What is Thermodynamics, Reasons why we study it and Some of its applications. I gave examples about rocket, air compressor and more.

  3. Thermodynamic System :

  4. Simply defined as definite quantity of matter bounded by some closed surface.

  5. The macroscopic part of the universe under study in Thermodvnamics is called the system irt steuw

  6. Surroundings The part which is left after defining the system is known as the surrounding part. Cuvetise ds

  7. . Open System- can transfer mass and energy between system and surrounding. Closed System- can transfer only energy. Isolated System-can transfer neither energy . nor matter.

  8. Broad divisions of systems 1) Homogenous system-When the system is completely uniform throughout Example-a gas box, a pure crystal 2) Heterogeneous system- will have Two or more phases Eg liquid and its vapour

  9. Types of walls to bound a system Rigid and Non Rigid Walls * Permeable wall and Impermeable Walls Adiabatic Walls and Non Adiabatic Walls