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Tenses: Part- 3 (in Hindi)
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And the way you teach is even more impressive !! Thanks for making Quant easier!!
Anupam Mishra
4 months ago
Thanks Shriya.🙂
  1. IIID PRESENT PERFECT TENSE (1) To represent the work that is completed a little while ago; and it shows past time E.g., You have finished your task. (2) To represent the work that started a little while ago and is continuing; it:s completion is not fixed or determined. I have lived in Jaipur for three vears They have not come here for many months. He has gone to America.

  2. (3) Following Adverbs/ Adverb Phrase: just, ever, never, so far now, already, for, since, today, this morning, this week etc. are used in Present Perfect Tense. E.g., I have just finished my work. She has not seen me so far.

  3. (4) Adverbs of Past Time (yesterday, last year, sometime ago etc.) should not be used in present perfect tense. E.g., He has come yesterday. (Incorrect) He has passed M.Sc. last year. (incorrect) These sentences should be used in Simple Past Tense. E.g., He came yesterday. (Correct) He passed M.Sc. last year. (Correct)