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Tenses-1 (in Hindi)
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Complete course on English grammar in 45 days This course will help you in every competitive exams Here we'll cover all about tense.

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Priyanka Aggarwal
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mam. close test me bhaut problem hota.. usme mastery krna hai plzz guide me.. reply me mam plzzzz
very beautiful course
  1. complete course on English grammar in 45 days presented by Priyanka aggarwal

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  3. complete course on English grammar in 45 days Tense- presented by Priyanka aggarwal

  4. TENSE Definition:- Tense is that from of a verb which shows the time and state of an action and an event. t torm of vero BI Kind of tense : Tense Present Past Future Indefinite Continuous Perfect Perfect continuous

  5. Tense 38TTf aTZT TT 6, Present, past-2T Future tense tense 4 Indefinite, Continuous, Perfect and Perfect Continuous The function of Tenses:- Time of an action:- (Action) ZTHT (Time) Sita goes to market. (present tense) (Sita, market T HE HT 3727 2. Sita went to market. (Past Tense) (Sita, market :h (aFFTE TT) 3. Sita will go to market. (future Tense) )

  6. (ii) State of an action:- 1. Sita writes letter daily.( Present indefinite tense) 2. Sita is writing a letters.(Present Continuous tense) Sita 1 3. Sita has done her work.(Present Perfect Tense) 4. Sita has been writing a letter since evening. (present perfect continuous tense)