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Teaching Aptitude - Introduction to Classroom Interaction Methods of Teaching (NTA UGC NET)
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This lesson will cover teaching aptitude for the CBSE UGC net this lesson is include introduction classroom interaction, teaching process.(NTA UGC NET)

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Rashmi Vishwakarma
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  3. 1. INTRODUCTION *Teachin9 is a part of teaching-learnin9 rocess. +It is an activity involving teacher and student with a view to the development of student. The main aim of teaching is to bring about socially desirable behavioral changes in the students and can be achieved only if teaching is effective and based on certain values or principles.

  4. 1. INTRODUCTION +The complete process of education must contain four common factors +(i) Educator (teacher) +(ii) Educand (Student) + (ii) the subject matter + (iv) the context (setting)

  5. 1. INTRODUCTION +Education is the process of developing some abilities in an individual. +Since 'every in the educator has to adopt strategies and methods suitable to individual needs. The educational productivity (rate of efficiency of work) can be classified as qualitative and quantitative. al is unique in their own way

  6. TEACHER +TEACHER:- Teacher is a person, who, due to his rich unusual experience in education or both in a aiven field is able to contribute to the growth and development of the other person who comes in contact with him. +There are four dimensions associated with a teacher, +his competence, +efficacy, nthusiasm tand morale

  7. TEACHER + Teacher's competence: Teacher's competence has been defined as the extent to which the teacher has the relevant subject matter and the expertise needed to impart the curriculum effectively + Teacher's efficacy: It is defined as the self belief in his ca acity of doing what is expected from them. Teacher's enthusiasm: A teacher must be very enthusiastTIC

  8. TEACHER +Teacher's Morale: It is very important in maintaining balance in the classroom interaction. The teacher's morale is a combination of psychological, physiological and environmental cause.

  9. CLASSROOMINTERACTION +The classroom interaction must be smooth and pleasant without any friction for a complete and fruitful teaching learning process +For effective teaching the active, participation of students is very important. +This interaction consist of their explanations and lectures with student's suggestions, ideas concepts, and questions etc.

  10. CLASSROOMINTERACTION +Direct teaching +The effectiveness of direct teaching has been questioned many times and it is found that this type of teaching is not very effective. +Indirect teaching/Interactive teaching +The participation is done through the classroom interaction. This interaction consist of their explanations and lectures with student's suggestions, ideas concepts, and questions, etc.