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Teaching and Learning: 5 Important MCQs For CTET (in Hindi)
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5 MCQs related to Teaching And Learning.

Yatharth Gairola
Hidden Gem Awardee (Unacademy Monthly Award). Sophomore @BITSPilani (330/450 in BITSAT). AIR-3493 in JEE-Mains. NSEA Qualified (AIR ~ 250)

Unacademy user
In question 12 it is not given whether we have to give answer as A3 or A5 If A3 then answer will be option b If A5 then answer will be option a
Answer is given with explanation 😊 Keep Learning
Kunal Arora
10 months ago
But in question it is just given next size but not in descending or ascending order...
Just thinking how someone will start reading before writing(which involves identifying alphabet)
Ya, your point of view is somewhat correct. See, actually these should go simultaneously. But traditionally, a child is first taught how to read an alphabet and then write. The world is changing now, and so is this method. But Traditionally, this is the method. Fine, my friend? All the Best for your exams. 😃😃😃

  2. 1. What is the Natural language acquaintance in the teaching method? (a) Speaking, hearing, reading, writing (b) Hearing, speaking, reading, writing (c) Hearing, speaking, writing, reading (d) Writing, reading, hearing, speaking

  3. 2. How the teacher should prepare the students tor the examination? (a) They should-not tell anything about examination (b) They should solve that questions which are useful (c) They should tell them the importance of examination and help in the practice (d) They should announce to give, the prize who will pass in the examination

  4. 3. How answer sheet should be evaluated by the teacher? (a) They should give general marks to all students (b) They should check the answer sheet carefully (c) They should check answer sheet by a good student (d) They should give good marks to weak student so that he can read more and more

  5. 4. What is the importance of moral education in the teaching of the students'? (a) Moral education is necessary for this environment (b) Moral education encourages the students (c) Moral education is necessary for the development of character (d) Moral education makes a man the Greatman

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