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Understanding synonyms

Rima Gurung
MA English. Worked as a Voice and Accent Trainer in an MNC for 3.5 years. Very passionate about teaching.

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Sir, please in questions ki answer ke saath pdf upload Kar di jiye
  1. Synonyms

  2. ABOUT ME: Masters in English . Voice and Accent trainer . Passionate about teaching A "Logophile" i.e. a lover of words.

  3. Course Overview * Understand the meaning of synonyms . Study examples of synonyms in sentences.

  4. What's in it for me: Gain more knowledge about English Grammar. Enhance your Spoken English and help in effective communication, both verbal and written. . Help solve competitive examinations.

  5. What are synonyms? The word "synonym" has been derived from Ancient Greek where "s n" means "together" and " nym means "name" Synonyms are words that have the same c meanings fppt.conm

  6. 10 Ask--Inquire Examples of Synonyms: Big-Huge. Large, Vast ' Jump-Leap . Centre Middle Neat- Tidy, clean . Yearly- Annually . Rich-Wealthy . Mistake Error, blunder .Costly-Expensive Try Attempt fppt.conm

  7. Synonyms for SSC and Bank Exams Q1. Out of the 4 alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word. JOVIAL: 1. Laughter 2. Smile 3. Cheerful 4. Sad Answer is 3. Cheerful. Reason: Jovial means "cheerful and friendly. Laughter and 'Smile' are expressions of happiness. Sad means 'Unhappy' So, the correct option is "Cheerful"

  8. Synonyms for SSC and Bank Exams Q2. TRANQUIL: 1. Busy 2. Quarrelsome 3. Disturbance 4. Peaceful Answer is 4. Peaceful Reason: 'Tranquil' means "free from disturbance" and is the correct synonym of "peaceful". Busy' means 'having a great deal of work to do' Disturbance is opposite of 'Tranquil'. Quarrelsome' means 'someone who likes to quarrel'. So, the correct option is "Peaceful". fppt.conm

  9. Synonyms for SSC and Bank Exams Q3. BIAS 1. Impartial 2. Prejudice 3. Base 4. Bail Answer is 2. Prejudice. Reason: 'Bias' means "unfair inclination towards an individual (s)" and is the correct synonym of "prejudice" 'Impartial' means "to treat in a fair and just manner." Base' implies "lowest support of a structure." Bail' means "money required to get someone out of jail." So, the correct option is "Prejudice."

  10. Thank you fppt.conm