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Synonyms ( English)

Rima Gurung
MA English. Worked as a Voice and Accent Trainer in an MNC for 3.5 years. Very passionate about teaching.

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  1. SYNONYMS Synonyms Words that can be used interchangeably THESAURUS Presented by Rima.

  2. ABOUT ME: Masters in English. . Voice and Accent trainer. . Educator at Unacademy. Passionate about teaching and a lover of words. . Rate, Review and Share. Follow me on Unacademy.

  3. Target Audience Aspirants for all Bank Exams like- IBPS PO CLERK LIC SBI IBPS RRB

  4. What are Synonyms? Synonyms: Words that have the sarme or almost the same eariing What is a synonym? . A synonym is a word that has the same or nearly the same meaning as another word. easy feed big grumble start simple eat large complain begin sick silly . Example: - Cold and Chilly Susie's feet were cold, so she put on her slippers. Susie's feet were chilly, so she put on her slippers. crazy fppt.conm

  5. Let's practice Directions: Find the correct antonym from the given alternatives 1. ABATE A) rise B) gear C) hurl D) lessen E) retreat Answer: D) Lessen. Reason: 'Abate' means " to lessen or reduce." Example: The storm suddenly abated

  6. 2. EMERGING A) raising B) developing C) noticeable D) conspicuous E) up roaring Answer: C) Noticeable Reason: Emerging' means "become visible, appear." Example: She emerged from the sea, blue with cold. 3. FOSTERING A) Safeguarding B) Neglecting C) Side-liningD) Nurturing Answer: D) Nurturing. Reason: Fostering' means "bring up. nurture, raise," Exampte ILis important to foster proper obedience in a child early in life E) Ignoring

  7. 4. STUMBL NG BLOCK A) Argument B)Frustration C) Advantage D) Hurdle E) Fallout Answer: D) Hurdle. Reason: 'Stumbling Block' means "obstacle, hurdle,barrier." Example: Lack of funds was a major stumbling block to the highway project. 5. THRIFT Pleasure D)Acceptance A) Compassion B) Prudence C E) Desire Answer: B) Prudence. Reason: Thrift means "saving money and other resources carefully and not wastefully." Example Through hard work and thrift they sent all of their children to college. fppt.conm

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