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Alvira Saleem Ahmad
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nice voice.. and explaining with comparative example is a good method.
Very easy to understand Very well explained
Super command over language and diction ,ma’am.
  1. SYNONYMS These are words or phrases which can be substituted for other words or phrases in a sentence

  2. Purpose Of Synonyms >These can be part of any speech. >It is important to understand the context of using a particular synonym. >The opposite of a Synonym is called as an Antonym. >A Synonym is used because it is responsible for having the same meaning as another word. >It acts as a replacement for another word without hindering its meaning whatsoever.

  3. Importance Of Synonyms >A word can have many different Synonyms in the English Language. >Thesauruses are a major help when it comes to looking for Synonyms.However it is important to have knowledge about the words we want to use because sometimes the meaning of the words can be a little different. >In writing essays or any sort of creative writing, it is very boring to keep repeating is important to use different synonyms of the word instead to keep our content interesting and dynamic. >The correct use of synonyms can transform a dull piece of writing into a rather captivating and intriguing one.

  4. EXAMPLES Some examples of synonyms used in a particular sentence are:- a) Alex was excited to be back home from school. Alex was elated to be back home from school The new English teacher is very strict. The new English teacher is very stern. b)