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Syllogisms 1(in Hindi)
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Basics of syllogisms

Alisha Mahajan is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Alisha Mahajan
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Unacademy user
Dada thank u , it is very very useful ,It is very good to discuss the discussion so it is better to discuss .
mam use another writing pen ..size is too large
Alisha Mahajan
2 months ago
It was during earlier times
Kya Ap new syllabus provide kre denge Es unit ka
Alisha Mahajan
8 months ago
Yeahhh Kia huaa hai already
Alisha Mahajan
8 months ago
Watch another part also
Mamta Sharma jrf
8 months ago
OK mam
mam pls cover all theory and practical aspects of syllogism in this course it's my humble request to you
Alisha Mahajan
a year ago
I have made it in the course
Aradhya Dhingra
a year ago
thanx mam
Mam AP ye blue stick se type mat Kiya kiijye...plzz
mam pls cover all theory and practical aspects of syllogism in this course it's my humble request to you
  1. 1. Statements: All huts are mansions. All mansions are temples. Conclusion : I. Some temples are huts. II. Some temples are mansions.

  2. 2. Statements All water is divine. All temples are divine. Conclusion : I. All water is temple. II. All temples are water

  3. 3. Statements All jungles are tigers. Some tigers are horses Conclusion : I. Some horses are jungles Il. No horse is sample

  4. 4. Statements: Some hens are cows. All cows are horses. Conclusion : I. Some horses are hens. Il. Some hens are horses

  5. 5. Statements: Some adults are boys. Some boys are ld Conclusion: I. Some adults are not old. Il. Some boys are not old.

  6. 6. Statements : Some books are tables, Some tables are mirrors Conclusion: I. Some mirrors are books. Il. No books are mirrors

  7. 7. Statements: All fish are tortoise No tortoise is a crocodile Conclusion : I. No crocodile is a fish II. No fish is crocodile

  8. 8. Statements : All roads are poles. No poles is a house Conclusion : I. Some roads are houses. Il. Some houses are poles.

  9. 9. Statements No gentlemen is poor. All gentleman are rich. Conclusion : I. No poor man is rich. Il. No rich man is poor.

  10. 10. Statements : Some desks are caps. No cap is red. Conclusion : I. Some caps re desks. II. No desk is red.

  11. 12. Statements : No bat is ball. No ball is wicket. Conclusion : I. No bat is wicket. Il. All wickets are bats

  12. 14.Statements: Most teachers are boys. Some boys are students Conclusion I. Some students are boys. Il. Some teachers are students.