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Strategy to Start The Course (in Hindi)
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Strategy for straight line (level 2)

Nitish Kumar is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Nitish Kumar
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Hi Sir, Please suggest me how can i get out from so many website for IAS prepration like Insight,Iasbaba,Drishti and so on. I tried to not go through this but when opening laptop and worried about I am missing something and again watching these sites
The point A divides the join of P(-5,1) and Q(3,5) in the ratio k:1.Find the two value of k for which the area of ∆ABC where B is (1,5) and C(7,-2) is equal to 2 unit?
some questions (1) the area of a triangle is 5.Two of its vertices are (2,1) and (3,-2).The third vertex lies on y=X+3.Find the third vertex?
yourway of teaching and explaining the things are totally brilliant
Nitish Kumar
a year ago
thanks... keep watching... keep learning...
8660164966 add me sir..