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Strategy for Electrical Engineering Optional by Surabhi Gautam (AIR 50, UPSC CSE 2016)
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In this video, I have mentioned the booklist for IES (Electronics and Telecommunication) and CSE Electrical engineering as an optional subject.

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Sir please provide the link of last 10years question papers if possible with solutions
Thank you so much, madam and you are a hope for Electrical optional students. Last year, The Electrical paper was tough but you scored well. If it is easy as it was in 2015 and before, you would be all India 1st ranker. Hats off to you, you have cracked with electrical optional even though you are an Electronic student. I was low, after seeing 2016 optional paper but you are giving me hope.
congratulation surbhi for your success.If you can make a video on how to write answer in ee optinal by taking selective questions from 2016 paper ,will be of great help.Means how to adjust the content according to Mark's.please make a video on this where your actual answer would b written. thank you
finally most awaited video for me comes optional is also Electrical...i"m in last year of engineering in Jabalpur engineering clg"am plz tell how to make notes so that i can revise all syllabus at last more question is it possible to take take medium hindi but optional EE? also from MP bord plzz guide me
Surabhi Gautam
2 years ago
Yes u can take hindi plus EE..
thank you ma'am......
mam, which should be the deciding factor for my optional selection among interest and comfort? I mean I am interested in one subject and comfortable in other. then there is one scoring issue also, which for the time being I am not considering. So, please guide me regarding this.
Surabhi Gautam
2 years ago
I never suggest for comfort,intrst has to be the main criteria.
Bidipto Sarkar
2 years ago
okay, thanks maam. and I still have 4 yrs before I can give my first attempt. So, shall I think about optionals from now or shall I just focus on social studies for the time being? I am a first yr electrical engineering student.
Mam, I am currently in final year ece stream and will take up electrical eng as my optionals. Please tell me how long does it generally take to complete the electrical subjects like power systems, machines, etc.
Surabhi Gautam
2 years ago
Depends on your grasping power and intrst, but still 2.5 months for any person i feel it will take.
Kartik pathak
2 years ago
mam, can you tell me how did you practice for the electrical optionals given that there are no test series available for it?
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