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Strategy And Syllabus Of Quant Section (in Hindi)
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Strategy and syllabus to attempt quant section in ibps po

Priyadarshini Priyanka Ray
3 years banking experience || qualified ibps po 2014,2015 ,sbi,rrb and other bank related exams with self preparation.||banker

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  1. Institute of Banking BPS Personnel Selection IBPS Exam Preparation Tips

  2. IBPS STRATECy exom Pattes CLERK PD IBPS ans o SYLLABUS to attembt the Pa Bocks ecommerded

  3. SYLLABUS weToHTAGE PRE MAINS Simplification Average Data Tnterpretation 16 I ST 6) Mensunation 4 Greo Quadratic. Equation v 5 @) Proft and Lou Numb on Series 2 Speed, Distonce Time 3 Time wonk (D Number System Data Suhticien Lineas Ealuation

  4. Permutation and Combination ion On 10 19 Micture R Allegations MISCELLANEOUS S Question

  5. STRATEGY TO PREPARE Paletowe topics which have more uo t-pice uhich haue movne wwuigktuge . Make a mistake coy whne can notedouon the mistake you wually do ishile attepting avueastio the. cencept and converntional mathod Do net ainectlr go dam shositoits Gint understand eain sa/uasres, Cabes and Tables ubto 30 Solve 100 Questions Poily atleast Try to find/salve diferent pueastions Tay to find/solve so that you as vel Tar to Salve a Set in a week in a given tume Linit

  6. BooKs * (Quantitative Attitude, b RS Agarwal x Qicken Maths by MTYRA Doita retation by bublication

  7. STRATECY TO ATTEMPT THE PAPER those which command analyse the qjuestion within a becond and have mose ssick decide you isu be able to attend tha questian suie t getting sight

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