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States of Matter: Gas States Introduction of Topics and Weight-age (in Hindi)
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This video deals with Topics introduction and weightage in IIT JEE NEET exams.

Arvind Arora
B.E.| IIT-JEE Mentor | 7+ Yr. Experience | YouTube Channel"MadeEjee Chemistry" with 15 Million+ Views | 260,000 subscribers.

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sir Haryana ki lucent maanchitrawali aapki h isi book se Maine apka channel Dekha h
yes r right.....follow me on unacademy and get more and regular updates
all videos are superb ,wish I have seen this request to u can u just complete full syllabus of chemistry before NEET is my heartly request from u..
hydrogen gas, oxygen gas and nitrogen gas ka kinetic energy Ka order kya ha with reason
Ashish Anand
5 months ago
is it complete???????????????????????????????????
sir can u complete the gases part before Saturday... i have an exam on sat
Sir I have completed 5chapters of class 11th chemistry neet without coaching which was impossible for me but I am glad that I have completed through videos
sir is it sufficient
  1. L-0 States of Matter (Gas states) Introduction & Weightage

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  3. L-0 States of Matter (Gas states) Introduction & Weightage

  4. Topics of Grab states (1) Dikterence between salid C2) Votiables of ga [T,P,v,d] (3) Gas lowv -Bole's Jaus -> Charles Luo

  5. GIdeal s Equation (5) Dalton's lawof Pa al he.sune haham a) Real gas eguation iit facha

  6. C) Real l ) Com (il) Lique taclion o ( Cca Tempenatusre Tacsitical Pxeuure Pa Csritical Volume Vc

  7. JEE MAIN CHEMISTRY UNIT-WISE WEIGHT Physical 35.6% Inorganic 297% Organic 34.7%

  8. JEE MAIN CHEMISTRY PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY: CHAPTER-WISE WEIGHT Basic Concepts Atomic Structure 2.33 5.67 3.33 States of Matter & Solutions Thermodynamics Equilibrium Redox & Electrochemistry 3.33 7.33 2.67 Chemical Kinetics Surface Chemistry 3.33 3.67

  9. Physical Chemistry This unit was given high importance in NEET 2017 exam. Accordingly, this unit carries 30.4% weightage(Assuming total 100%) Among all, States of Matter and Solutions (24.1%) is the most important of all followed by Equilibrium (18.2%). Rest of the questions were asked from the different chapter covering Chemical Kinetics and Nuclear Chemistry (14.6%), Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry (13.1%) and others.

  10. 3. States of Matter (Gases, Liquids & Solids) o Gas Laws o Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases o Real Gas behaviour and Liquefaction of gases o Crystal Lattice and Unit cells o Close packed structures and voids o Defects in Solids