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State Government and its Components (in Hindi)
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In this lesson Charu throws light on the working of State Government and its components. The Chief Minister is described in detail with the method of election and functions. It also describes the methods used by government for its administration and law making.

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Charu Modi
Having completed Masters in Law with gold medal from Lucknow University, qualified NET in July 2018 and has taught at Ambition Law Institute

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  3. WORKING OF STATE GOVERNMENT MEMBER OF LEGISLATIVEASSEMBLY(MLA) Legislative assembly in each state Elected by the people .From each constituency, the people elect one representative who then becomes a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) political party whose MLAs have won more than half the number of constituencies in a state can be said to be in a majority. The political party that has the majority is called the ruling party and all other members are called the opposition.

  4. CHIEF MINISTER The chief minister then selects other people as ministers . After the elections, it is the Governor of the state who appoints the chief minister and other ministers FUNCTIONS The chief minister and other ministers have the responsibility of running various government departments or ministries. They have separate offices. A Legislative Assembly is a place where all the MLAs, whether from the ruling party or from MLAs have dual responsibilities: one as an MLA and the other as a minister. the opposition meet to discuss various things. Hence, some

  5. MLA are together responsible for work of the government. Government refers to government departments and various ministers Overall head is CM * Called executive part of the government MLA gathering together are called legislature

  6. METHODS USED BY GOVERNMENT High level enquiry committee can be appointed New laws can be passed They have to answer the questions asked in the LA