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Start the Preparation with New Energy for UPSC Repeaters: Part 1
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This is the 1st part of the course... Course focuses on the strategy to repeat the exam with new energy... I have found that people repeat the exam but in a dull way.. This course will guide u to give the exam as u are a fresher not repeaters... This course will be acting as sanjeevani for repeaters...

Abhishek mittal
Star educator and verified educator | Organic chemistry matter expert | Motivator

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vestigieal organ whic in present has no function in the body and in future they may be destryoed from the body as result of evoultion
Abhishek mittal
a year ago
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Wowwww..Abhisek.... really u r a very good motivator.....????????????????keep going on????
Abhishek mittal
2 years ago
Thanks ????
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