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Spotting the errors : lesson 1 (in Hindi)
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This lesson gives you an overview of the course and covers 3 important questions

Sidhant Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sidhant Sharma
Cleared SSC, AFCAT, UPSC CDS .... teaching English since 2015.....teacher by passion....

Unacademy user
Sir just requesting, can you upload this b/w 10am-2 pm Thank you so much for the course, really saves time
Sure will try to do that :)
Sir bhot practice krti hu but hmesa 2 3 to jarur galat hote h... Pls advise me... From where i start...
Sidhant Sharma
10 months ago
Kajal basics pehle clear karo ma'am......uske baad hi practice apko perfect karegi.....
Sidhant Sharma
10 months ago
Basics k baad dheere dheere confidence banne lagega
Kajal Bhardwaj
10 months ago
Thanku for ur kind advice sir... Thanku soo much
Tarun Awasthi
10 months ago
many a star are twinkling in the sky a)many a star b)are c) twinkling in the sky d)no error
Sidhant Sharma
9 months ago
B part......are should be replaced by is
thnku sir....amazing course....
  1. ERROR DETECTION A practice session teaching aspirants how to score better in this section Presented b SIDHANT SHARMA


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  4. 1). a) The Superintendent of 1). a) The Superintendent of Dasna Jail in in Ghaziabad said / b) that Koli had been transferred from Dasna to Meerut Jail / c) as the first had not facilities / d) to carry out the execution e) No error.

  5. 2), a) Once the demand draft will be deposited / b) the individual will be eligible/ c) to participate in /d) the online bidding process e) No error.

  6. 3). a) The woman kill the child because she wanted / b) to take revenge from her daughter-in-law/c)whom she blamed from taking away / d) her son from her / e) No error.

  7. 4). a) The Delhi government has issued a notification / b) allowing the opening of new wholesale markets /c) in the capital, which will be outside / d) the purview of the three existing AMPC markets /e) No error.

  8. 5). a) My resignation was a spontaneous action / b) since I have always believed /c) that life unless / d) honor is no living at all / e) No error.

  9. 6). a).One of the most essential and major asset / b). for India right now is electricity, / c). therefore it is important that d) electricity should reach the end customer. / e). No error

  10. 7). a). In India, there is still / b). no widespread repugnance at / c), the thought of little hands / d). toil to make the stuff we buy. e). No error

  11. 8). a). It has been proven, time and time / b). again, that eggs and dietary cholesterol / c), does not adversely affect / d). cholesterol levels in the blood e). No error

  12. 9). a). The man who killed an orthopaedic surgeon, / b). his domestic help and the later''s son said that / c). he was unhappy with the unnecessary diagnostic tests / d). the surgeon had recommended for his daughter. / e). No error

  13. 11).a) Shiksha Sahayog Yojana was launched with / b) the object to lessen / c) the burden of parents for meeting / d) the educational expenses of the children. / e) No error

  14. 14).a) An important objective of development planning in India has been./ b) to provide for increasing employment opportunities /c) not only to meet the backlog of the unemployed / d) but also the new additions to the labor force. e) No error.

  15. 17).a) Arun Jaitley"s life has been full or dramatic loops, / b) sudden upswings and a few downturn, / c)till finally he''s arrived at a job that / d) has him at the helm of the nation"s economic affairs e) No error

  16. 18).a) Since the commencement of the Constitution in 1950, / b) it is for the third time that governors-this time / c) as much as nine-have had to go / d) following a change of guard at the Centre. e) No error

  17. 19).a) The declaring of a long-term ceasefire / b) between Israel and Hamas, after 50 days of off-again, on- again fighting, / c) has brought immediate relief to both sides / d)of the border between Isreal and the Gaza Strip e) No error

  18. 22), a) The only silver line to this recent crisis / (b) over reservation was her successful handling / (c) of talks with other OBC groups (d) who make up 27 percent of the state"s population. / (e) No error

  19. 24). a) Before investing, / (b) you should look after the / (c) overall business dynamics of the company / (d) along with efficient management and good corporate governance. / (e) No error

  20. 27). a) With India"s urban population expected to grow / (b) exponentially over the next couple of decades (c) urban housing will be a central issue / (d) to the government. (e) No error

  21. 28). a) With the crisis of depleting clean water sources / (b) looming over us, / (c) considerable alternative sources/ (d) is imperative. /(e) No error

  22. 29). a) The Bengaluru Police are proposing to use electronic tags / (b) on habitual offenders to monitor their movements, / (c) after an analysis revealed that they were involved /(d) in more than forty percent crimes reported in the city. (e) No error

  23. 32). a) The implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission (b) in 2008-09 and resultant wage increase (c) have had a positive rub- off / (d) on sales in urban markets. / (e) No error

  24. 34). a) The share of revenue"s / (b) from the rural market has / (c) gone up steady over / (d) the last few years. (e) No error

  25. 37). a) He always said success was something to be celebrated, (b) but he also believed that failure is something (c) that you must concentrate all / (d) your energies on resolving. / (e) No error

  26. 38). a) The centre accepted the report of a judicial commission / (b) that indicated former chief minister (c) and six of his ministerial colleagues against corruption,/ (d) favouritism, nepotism and administrative impropriety. (e) No error

  27. 39). a) Companies like Infosys are moving fast / (b) on automation to ensure differentiation at a time / (c) where the technology industry and business models/ (d) are undergoing rapid changes. / (e) No error

  28. 44). a) The states dependent on oil and gas revenues / b) are growing increasingly anxious about / c) the ripple effect that falling oil prices / d) may have on their local economies. / e) No error

  29. 47). a) Migraines may doubles / b) the risk of a /c) nervous system condition that / d) causes facial paralysis. /e) No error

  30. 49). a) For the past one week, / b) people had stop working /c) out of their houses,/ d) fearing a sudden attack. / e) No error

  31. 52). a) The greatest joy in publishing a nevw magazine / b) over four decades has been to / c) observe the ebb or flow of history / d) accompanied by political tsunamis / e) No error

  32. 54). a) Answer to our population problems / b) lies in education and not in coercive and criminal sterilization / c) drives with unrealistic targets and d) hard - to - resist monetary incentives / e) No error

  33. 56). a) Extending an invitation to the President of the US / b) for the Republic Day barley a month after Modi"s visit / c) to the Big Apple puts strengthening of ties / d) among the world"s two biggest democracies firmly on track / e) No error

  34. 57). a) Hopefully, this last order of the apex court/b) will help in bringing a speedy closure to the case /c) and sound out politicians and bureaucrats / d) against interfering in CBl investigations. /e) No error

  35. 58). a) Among the many things that Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami talks / b) about when he talks about running is a brief treatise / c) that capture both the audacity of youth / d) as well as the optimism that comes with dexterity e) No error

  36. 59). a) Young Indians pursuing different goals in varied arenas / b) are thinking differently, creating new business models / c) and influence our life and times more comprehensively /d) than at any time in our history e) No error

  37. 67). a) We all know that steam engine / b) marks an epochal change in the production capacity / c) and thus the beginning / d) of modern capitalist world. e) No error

  38. 68). a) United States of America has not blacklisted India as a priority foreign country / b) in its report on the intellectual property regime /c) of trading partner despite strong demands / d) from its pharmaceutical companies. e) No error

  39. 69). a) In Beijing recently, smog had become / b) so thick that virtual sunrise c) was arranged on huge TV screens / d) across the city. e) No error