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Spending Life With Wrong People
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Sharing your life with wrong people are very hard and tough challenge for everyone. Of you to come out of this stree come here and learn some simple steps.

Dixita Mistrey
Given UPSC CSE mains twice. Done Masters in Political Science. Writer on Quora duscussing UPSC CSE preparation.

Unacademy user
immense analysis u did sir.
Again this happens to me a thrice especially I made friends, help them with all my heart in enriching their way and helping them to go ahead even if when I'm ruining mine. But When time comes I often got dropped by them. I made 3 friend brother a like. and no one proved to be a good one.
  1. ABOUT ME DIXITA MISTREY I have completed my graduation from St. Xavier's College, Ranchi. I have given UPSC mains exam twice(2016 & 2017) My hobbies are watching movies, exploring new places, answering peoples question( if I know the answer) and walking .. 'a lot'. ove living my life to the fullest and want to contribute to r country through my experiences. ou

  2. REASON 6: SPENDING LIFE WITH WRONG PEOPLE We often hear that we should choose our friends wisely as this is the only thing we have in our hand. That is why when we are surrounded with wrong people we get stress Like that our life partners are chosen by us(in general) and when we realize later that they do not match up with our thinking, behavior and life, we feel like we are in total different world. People who can make our life more valuable and meaningful seems to pulling it down every time with their comment, taunt and criticism. How painful it becomes to sha- with them. Isn't it? Let's analyze the problem

  3. WHAT COULD BE THE REASON? . Difference in opinions, behavior and whole persona. 2. Ways to look into each and every situations (perspective). 3. May be you have made mistake in choosing friends by looking 4. Understanding level is low (reason for majority of relations 5. Fundamental things are different like human values, family 6. Future aims and targets are different for unwanted parameters like style, attire and cool life style. breaking down) background etc.

  4. How TO MANAGE IT? Either make up or leave. There is no third way at all. MAKE UP By this word I mean to say learning skills to manage this difference. How? 1. Listen: listening other's view will develop your understanding. It will lowers down the arguments and tension between two people. 2. Care: love and care brings compassion and empathy towards each other. Ask a anything needed etc. Some being asked develop good nt, tions friends

  5. 3. Try to match up your goals.- same goals keep two people going parallely and create god environment at home. 4. Enhance yourself and environment- Work on yourself, improve your personality. A good man/ woman is generally not ignored by anyone. And who doesn't like to sit with an intellectual and informed person. Right? Side by side take good care of surroundings. Clean it, plant trees and increase greenery 5. Hanq out often- Spending time together develops understanding and humility. You develop tolerance, patience which must for living life together. 6. Communication is the key -communicating logically without hurting sentiment is the mandatory skill that everyone should develop. It brings out your expectation and aspirations without fighting. One who can speak well wins the heart.

  6. IF NONE OF THESE WORKS? Very simple, walk out as soon as possible and FOCUS ON YOUR DREAMS. If two friends can never settle issues after doing all these things , it simply means you people are not meant to be together. But before that try every possible way to make up. Because once you go it will never be easy to be back again. Because my friend! Eve t however difficult it is. You must

  7. KEEP WATCHING.. Thank ge