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Special Swayam Mcqs Nios D.el.ed Course-506 Part-1
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In this whole course you will get some of the special MCQs of D.El.ED 3rd semester examination

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Tejasw RAJ
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sir i am not able to see the video it is showing today's goal completed
thanks for giving mcqs of 506 507
Tejasw RAJ
7 months ago
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Tejasw RAJ
7 months ago
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sir Hindi me v video prasaret lejiye sir please
Tejasw RAJ
7 months ago
Jaldi Mil Jaega
Sir hindi me bi dalo
Tejasw RAJ
7 months ago
Ok Sir
Hindi Vidio send kijiye
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  3. Course-506 D.ELED/CTET Understanding MCQs Children in Inclusive Context PART-1 2- MARKS QUESTIONS M Tejasw Raj

  4. unacademy Follow me orn the Unacademy Learning App 273.3k ENS 48 Tejasw RAJ Educator since August 2018 An Educator By Profession, And A YouTuber By Passion Join Us for Fostest Updates Cracking Courses And Concepts . Get updates about new courses Watch all my lessons Download slides and watch offline 4.7k 0 7 Message All courses Q Tejasw Raj HINDI Concept & Scope (Hindi) D.el ed Swayam Important MCQs Series Course-505 Like , Comment and Review Activate W Go to Settings HINDI The World of the Living Hindi) Important Question Series

  5. Used 3Se 74M Watch All The Parts O unacademy a 2 unacademy (Hindi ) Important Question Series: CTET (Hindi ) Important Question Series: TET Enroll Enrolled 660 Enrolled 660 NLike Previous Next > Previous Next> D.EL.ED EXAMS HRT-2 CTET 2 E 1. Course-505 Important CT TET 9:3 2 Question Series Part-1 (In Hind) Comment 1-505 Course-505 Important Question Series Part-2 (in Hindi) 8:3 HIEN 9 nload rse Download UP-TET Review And Share Course-505 Important 6:3 3 Question Series Part-3 (in 1:017639 Cour Part Course-505 Important Question Series Part-2 (in Hind) 154 A 154 10 53 4 Course- 505 Iimportant Question Series Part-4 (in Hindi) 4,07 4079 plays ctivate V Ato Sattin Open in app Open in app

  6. 1. s a ceaseless change measurable in teams of weight, height and size. A). Growth B) Development C) Maturation D. Environment

  7. 2. occurs when there is orderly and progressive changes in a human being due to maturation and experience A) Growth B) .Development C) Maturation D. Environment

  8. 3. changes. A). Growth B) Development C) Maturation D. Environment

  9. 4. refers to the overall changes including the physical changes A) Growth B) .Development C) Maturation D. Environment

  10. growth and development. A) 1 ) C) 5 D) 9

  11. 7.The direction of development is from the centre to the periphery called A)cephalo-caudal B) caudal C).proximodistal D)longitudinal

  12. 9.Write down the age gap of infancy A).Birth to 2 years B)2 years to 6 years C) 6 years to 12 years D)12 years to 19 years

  13. 12.Write down the age gap of adolescence. A)Birth to 2 years B)2 years to 6 years C)6 years to 12 years D).12 years to 19 years

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