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Sound Pollution (in Hindi)
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Noise pollution and it's limit...

Satyam Yadav
BSc in botany /Active quora writer. Consistency is the DNA of Mastery📚📚

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  1. Noise pollution Presented by Satyam yadav

  2. What is noise pollution??? Increase in the noise in the atmosphere is called noise pollution. Noise is aloud and unwanted or unpleasant sound. the common things which are responsible for noise pollution are industries ,mills, means of transportation, tv, loud speaker and jet plant etc. INTENSITY:- The intensity of sound is measured in bel or decibel (1 bel-10 decibel). Normally at 25 decibel, the atmosphere may be peaceful. Above 80 decibel intensity of sound is called noise pollution. NOTE: in india, the air (pollution and control of pollution) act came in to force in 1981, but was amended in 1987 to include noise as an air pollutant.

  3. A brief exposure to extremely high sound level ,150 dB or more generated by take off a jet plane or rocket,may damage eardrums thus permanently damage hearing abilities of humans. Noise also cause sleeplessness, increased hear beating ,altered breathing pattern, thus considerably stress humans. GREEN MUFLUR SCHEME Tres such as nem and shola absorb sournd to a great extent.,along road side.

  4. Very quiet 20-30 dB motion picture studio,broadcasting studio silence/quiet 30/35-50 dB hospitals (30-35) ,schools (45-50) Libraries (45-50), offices(40-50) Normal voice Conversational speech 60dB Moderately loud 70 dB-90dB 55dB average traffic -70dB Heavy traffic -90dB Uncomfortable above 100dB air craft (120 dB) Painful above 130dB rocket(180 dB), jet plane(150 dB)

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