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Some Concentration Terms
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This lesson contains the concentration terms weight percent, volume percent and strength with the help of suitable examples

Naveen Chouhan
MSc chemistry|merit holder at RPMT2013| 9yr teaching experience(IITJEE/NEET) MCQ expert|Youtube: NAVEEN CHOUHAN(800+ subscribers)

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A is the husband of D
in molarity sum why u divide 68 with 34?
sir at 5:15 is 4% the wt.percent of solution? as per the quetion we have to find the wt. % of soln. will it not be 96%?
Naveen Chouhan
7 months ago
Naveen Chouhan
7 months ago
Solvent =5000-20
Naveen Chouhan
7 months ago
Solvent =500-20
sir at 5:15 is 4% the wt.percent of solution? as per the quetion we have to find the wt. % of soln. will it not be 96%?
  1. CONCENTRATION t simply define the amount of solute present in the unit amount of solution. 50ml 50 ml 50 ml water water water 10 g Sugar 20 g sugar 50g Sugar Case it 50ml water 10g sugar sweet Case list-50ml water + 20g sugar = more sweet Case IIIrd = 50ml water + 50g sugar = sweetest ,'. Sweetness amount of sugar present in sol SOME CONCENTRATION TERMS

  2. 1. Weight percent-Amount of Solute present in per 100g of solution. Wt% solute-W4%- Wt.of Solute Wt.of solution A 70 = WA x 100 WA+WB Similarly We%-WAYWe Wp-- WA+WB 100 Eg. 10% w/w Nacl, 10g NaCl is present in 100g Sol. 100g of Sol. Contains -10g NaCl

  3. f 20g caco, is present in 500g SoC Then find 'Weight present of solution. Ans. WAN X 100 WA+WB 200 500 100 4%

  4. 0 If Insulin molecule contain 3.4% solohur by wt. (w/w) then find out the minimum mol wt. of insulin. means 3.4% (w'/w)S 3.4 g S in 100g Sol. Ans. 100g Insuline-3.4gS Or 3.4g S 100g Insulin lg S = g Insulin 100 3.4 alteat one molecule of S must be present 100 3x 32g 3.4 941g insuline

  5. (2) Volume Present:- Volume of Solute present in per 100ml of solution (/v) VA- 100 ; VA+VB VA+VB Where VA = Vol. of Solute = vol. of Soluent (Vol. of Solution) Eg, 10% (v/v) HCl 10ml of HCl is present in 100ml of Solution * If the Sol. Is aquous then, solvent is water.

  6. Q, you have to prepare 20% (v/v) NaOH aq. SoC 20%(,/v) NaOH:- Ans. 20ml NaOH 100ml Sol. .. Sol. is aq . Solvent water Solute + Solvent = Soin. - 20ml x 100ml x 100 20 ml = 80 ml By adding 80ml water with 20ml NaOH, 20% v/v Solution of Na0H can be prepared

  7. (3) StrengthW/v - It is defined as the weight of solute present in per 1000ml of solution Wt. of Solute Strength ()Vol.of Sol. 1000 Unit g/lor g/ml * It is expressed in Vol% of H202 WA 1000 (ml)

  8. % VOLUME H 202 % VOLUME H20i-It is defined as the amount of 02 (oxygen) released by unit weight of H202 -10% Vol H2O2 - 10l 02 is released by 1l H202 # 30% vol. H202 301 02 is released by 1l H202

  9. Proof: 2H202 2H20 +02 2 mol1 Mol 2 34g 22.41 68g 22.4l gives 68g H202> 22.4l 02 22.4 1g H2O2 -68 22.41 02 68 g H202

  10. 68 11 02 22.4 68x x l02 22.4 68x 22.4 68 34 8g = mol/l or 2mol/l 2x =-mol/l 22.4 11.2 M =-mol/l 11.2