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Solved Question Paper - Company Board Assistant Exam 2013 - 1 (in Malayalam)
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In this lesson, discussed previous questions of Company Board Assistant Exam.

Hi Friends,this is Praseena. Started career as a software engineer and now active in online coaching for Kerala PSC exams.

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Great effort,,pls do more videos for this exam
a year ago
Thank you ... sure.
  1. Company/Board/Corporation Assistant Ex Previous Question Papers Part 1 Presented By Praseena P

  2. PRASEENA Pust Graduate in Computer Applicatinn . Worked as a Software Engineer . Worked as a Competitive Exam Trainer Currently working as a online Competitive Exam Trainer Interests : Video Blogging, Teaching, Traveling and Photography etc. Rate, Review, COMMENT & Share Follow me:

  3. Target Audience . Company/Corporation/Board Assistant Grade Examination . PSC Degree Level Exam (Secretariat Assistant, University Assistant, etc.)

  4. Company/Corporation/Board Assistant Grade Examination Syllabus 1. Quantitative aptitude 2. Mental ability and test of reasoning 3. General science 4. Current affairs 5. Facts about India 6. Facts about Kerala 7. Constitution of India and civil rights 8. General English 9. Malayalam 10. Information technology and cyber laws.

  5. Various Companies/Corporation & Sr. Supdts/Asst. Treasury officer/ Sub Treasury Officer/ officer in charge of Stamp Depot(SR. from SC/ST) Exam held on 19.06.2013 .Junior Assistant/ Assistant Grade - 2/LD clerk Exam held on 13.07.2013

  6. 21. Father of Genetics: (a) Morgan Mendel (c) Muller ) Hugo DeVries 22. Which of the following disease nown as 'hydrophobia'? (a) Cholera (b) Leprosy Rabies (d) Tetanus 23. Which plant hormone helps the ripening of fruits? (a) Auxin (c) Cytokinin (Ethylene (b) Gibberlin

  7. 24. A person with antigen 'A' in RBC and antibody 'b' in the plasma belongs to the blood group (a) O (b) AB O) A (d) B 25. The scientific name of lion: (a) Canis familiaris (b) Panthera tigris (c) Felis domestica Panthera leo

  8. 26. The pulmonary circulation irn man starts from (a) Right atrium ) Right ventricle (d) Left ventricle sun to earth is by: Left atrium 27. Transmission of heat from the Radiation Conduction (c) Convection (d) Absorption 28. For galvanizing iron which of the following is used? (a) Sodium(b) Nickel (c) Silicon Zinc

  9. 29. The chemical used in photogra- phy: (a) Silver iodide Silver bromide (c) Silver chloride (d) Silver fluoride 30. Which of the following is the best conductor of electricity? (a) Distilled water (b) Warm water O Saline water (d) Cold water

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