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Solved Problems - Part 2
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Practice Problems on Pie Charts - II

Unacademy user
north korea ko to india tv ne jada badnaam kiya hai 😂
Pavan Choudhary
a year ago
hehehe sahi he ek joke he ki किम जॉन अपने अगले कदम को जानने के लिए इंडिया tv देखता हूं
Sagar patel
a year ago
😆 ऐसा भी हो सकता है
Sorry for sounding rude, you might know the questions personally but you are an Absolute Waste when it comes to teaching! Please use Hindi for explaining!
bkwas kiye h aap sir bs..!!
good session to learn provide course on typical syllogism questins
  1. Data Interpretation Worked Out Problems - II

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  4. Q1. Following pie charts exhibit the distribution of the overseas tourist traffic from India. The two charts shows the tourist distribution by country and age profile of the tourist respectively Above 50 years USA 40% Japan 30% UK 10% 40-49 years 20% , Below 30 years 15% Others 20% 30-39 years 15% (a) what % of Indian tourists went to either USA or UK? (b) The ratio of number of India tourists that went to USA to the number of Indian tourists who were below 30 years of age is (c) If amongst 3 countries, Switzerland accounted 25% of Indian tourist traffic, and it is known from official Swiss records that a total of 25 lakh Indian tourists had gone to Switzerland during the year, then find the number of 30-39 year old Indian tourists who went abroad in that year r question (c), what was the volume of traffic of Indian tourists in the US? e) For que & (d), what can be inferred about the number of 50+ year old who visited UK during the year?

  5. Answer (a) 50% (b) 8:3 ( 75 lakh (d) 200 lakh (e) Can't be determined

  6. Thank You