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Solved One Word Substitutions: SSC CGL 2016: Part 5
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In this Neha Sharma has solved one word substitutions asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 2016. A Must watch video.

Neha Sharma
STAR EDUCATOR on unacademy. Winner of teachathon (design category). Currently teaching for SSC CGL.

Unacademy user
okkk sir joi shri ram ...
Please upload more videos of previous year papers on antonyms and synonymous, idioms and phrases. Thanks a lot
Neha Sharma
a year ago
Soon to come. Keep learning :)
Gaurav Chauhan
a year ago
Okkk g........... I m waiting. Thanks for your efforts.
please upload some video of CGL tier-1 2017
keep it up...your efforts are applaudable
Neha Sharma
2 years ago
Keep watching Jatin :)
plzz upload some more video's
plzz upload some more video's
  1. Solved one word substitutions (SSC CGL2016-tier l) - By Neha Sharma NS

  2. (CGL- T1 2016 A person who has lost protection of law Outlaw 81 NS

  3. CGL T1 Killing one's sister Sororicide 2016 82 NS

  4. CGL T1 A place where astronomical observations are made - 2016 Observatory 83 NS

  5. CGL T1 2016 A thing no longer in use - Obsolete 84 NS

  6. (CGL- T1 2016 Regular user of places/restaurant etc. - Clientele 85 NS

  7. A man who collects old and new coins - Numismatics T1 2016 86 NS

  8. CGL T1 A place where soldiers live Barracks 2016 87 NS

  9. (CGL- T1 2016 Of the highest degree Superlative NS

  10. CGL T1 A piece of shelter for ships Harbour 2016 89 NS

  11. (CGL- T1 2016 A remedy for all diseases Panacea 90 NS

  12. CGL T1 Land covered by water on three sides- Peninsula 2016 91 NS

  13. CG L- T1 2016 That which cannot be averted Inevitable 93 NS

  14. (CGL- T1 2016 Obsession with books Bibliomania 96 NS

  15. (CGL- T1 2016 The study of skin - Dermatology NS

  16. The branch of philosophy concerned with the study of principles of beauty, especially in art - Aesthetics (CGL- T1 2016 100 NS

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