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Solved IT questions-Part1 (in Malayalam)
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IT previous questions & answers discussion for all degree level exams, Kerala PSC

Haritha Rakesh
I'm a professional software engineer, specializing in android application development. Passionate about teaching |writting |reading.

Unacademy user
GET POST 1) In case of Get request, only limited amount of data can be sent because data is sent in header. In case of post request, large amount of data can be sent because data is sent in body. 2) Get request is not secured because data is exposed in URL bar. Post request is secured because data is not exposed in URL bar. 3) Get request can be bookmarked. Post request cannot be bookmarked. 4) Get request is idempotent . It means second request will be ignored until response of first request is delivered Post request is non-idempotent. 5) Get request is more efficient and used more than Post. Post request is less efficient and used less than get.
Sweta Kumari
10 months ago
Very Good Sumit...You are answering very well...Hope to see more well answers from you..keep it up
Valare nalla class ayrunnu..thank u miss... oru request undu.. font size kurachude koottan pattumo?
Haritha Rakesh
6 months ago
Part6 muthal koottitunde. noki abhiprayam parayutto
6 months ago
class nanaayitund....font size kuutiyaal nannakum, pinne options adiyil thanne answer kodukkunathu ozhivaakaamo....answer paranju pokunnathu alle opinion...
Haritha Rakesh
5 months ago
part 6 muthal matiyitunde
black and white combination is superb and also protection of eyes.👀👀👁️
Haritha Rakesh
5 months ago
Thank you Vaishnavi
No words to say my gratitude...Excellent classes
white background il font size kurach kootuvarune nannayirunnu. clss nannayittnd.. kanninu oru budhimutt thonnanu.
Haritha Rakesh
5 months ago
part 6 muthal matiyitunde
  1. IT Previous year questions & Answers -Part 1 Haritha Rakesh


  3. 1. In computer Logical operations are performed by (A) Control Unit (B) ALU (C) Primary Memory (D) CPU Correct Ans: B

  4. a volatile memory? (A) SRAM (B) DRAM (C) Both (A) & (B) (D) None of these Correct Ans: C

  5. 3. Which protocol is used in WWW? (A) PPP (B) IP (C) FTP (D) HTTP Correct Ans: D

  6. 4. Expand GUI (A) Graphical User Instance (B) Graphical User Intermediate (C) Graphical User Interface (D) Graphical Used Instance Correct Ans: C

  7. 5. IC chips are used in which generation of computer? (A) Second Generation (B) Third Generation (C) Fourth Generation (D) Both (A) & (B) Correct Ans: B

  8. 6. Microsoft PowerPoint is an example of (A) Operating System (B) Display Device (C) Application Software (D) System Software Correct Ans: C

  9. 7. Website is a collection of (A) Webpage (B) HTML Page (C) Both (A) & (B) (D) HTTP Page Correct Ans: C

  10. 8. Bing is a (A) Website (B) Business software (C) Search engine (D) Social Media Correct Ans: C

  11. 10. Which of the following come under cyber crime? (A) IPR (B) Plagiarism (C) Pornography (D) All of the above Correct Ans: D