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Solution to Problem set 2
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each friend bought either 3 or 4 chocolate: condition was not satisfied.
After clues are noted down, we can have many possibilities, but you took specific cases.Example: 1. Jatin can have stix+Perk+Crackle+snickers= Rs97. Mam, where are you noting down data, it's not available for further calculations. Even if the same question comes in actual CAT, I won't be able to do it. Ridiculous question.
Riya Agarwal
4 months ago
5 people need to buy Barone out of 6. One of them who doesn't buy is Lalit. So the combination you have stated for Jatin is incorrect
Riya Agarwal
4 months ago
when you use all the clue different possible solution gets ruled out
Abhijit dhar
2 months ago
ketan can also have stix+barone+munch+ snicker=74
hello mam in the question it is given that each chocolate must be purchased by atleast two friends but in solution which you have given crackle is purchased by only 1 friend
Riya Agarwal
4 months ago
Nitin would buy Crackle and not snickers.. then it will be sorted.
mam wo Jatin ke liye main - St B M P C , le sakta hun ??
Riya Agarwal
4 months ago
nahi.. har kisi k pass sirf 3/ 4 chocolates hai
nai nai 5 ho jayega samjh gaya