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Solution of Quadratic Equation by Completing the Square and by Quadratic Formula (in Hindi)
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Solution of quadratic equation using quadratic formula or shridharacharya formula and by completing the square.

Vijendra Kumar Gupta
Electronics engineer from NIT, JAIPUR. mathematics lover and love to share knowledge.

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  1. 4a QUADRATIC EQUATION By Vijendra Kumar Gupta

  2. Topics covered Introduction of Quadratic Equation Relationship B/W zeros & coefficient Solving a quadratic equation By factorization By completing the square Bt quadratic formula or Sridharacharya formula e Nature of roots Previous year problems

  3. Complet 2 3 6 2 25 2 3 6

  4. [ii) quadratic formula

  5. 2 C O 19

  6. 2. 22. 2 .th - t 2

  7. 2 2R_ uua

  8. 2. due earDS CBSE-20) find

  9. find B 2 2 2

  10. ind .tne. Value is 6 times +me ner. Sol