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Solution of Differential Equations (in Hindi)
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In this lesson variable separable form has been introduced

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Vineet Loomba
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Unacademy user
mam, is O blood group has +ve,-ve
Neha kaushal
a year ago
sir if we are given the solution then can we differentiate it to get the solution if we are finding the integration tough??
iss lesson me saare questions easy h jee level ke toh ni the na??? previous lessons ke questions ni bn rhe h mujhse😞😞
Vineet Loomba
10 months ago
nhi all are good questions its okay if you r unable to do some ques
Sidra Hassan
10 months ago
sir, can you please explain h/w questions given in previous video...
Vineet Loomba
10 months ago
Sidra Hassan
10 months ago
Thank you very much sir...
worth rating More than 5 Thankyou sir
Vineet Loomba
9 months ago
Hope u gave 5 stars ratings 😊
Can you please explain question at 06:27 again pls. .
Vineet Loomba
10 months ago
Its simple u just have to rewind the video and watch tht again ... Tell me wht specifically u r unable to understand