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Solid State -1
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Gautam Kumar Gupta at IIIT Naya raipur|| passionate about chemistry|| Love to teach

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sir ya abscissa kya hota h????
Vineet Loomba
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value of x coordinate
if possible sir please complete gaseous state
I will do soo
for Bsc first year
I will do soon

  2. Lecture Plan States of matter Characteristics of solids Classification of solids Amorphous and crystalline solids Laws of crystallography

  3. Chemistry may be defined as The study of matter in terms of its: * Structure Composition & * Change or properties We would attempt to understand the structure of one of the states of matter.

  4. States of Matter Matter exists in different physical states Example Water exists n three different states . All of these are important for sustenance of life

  5. The physical state of a substance can be changed by suitable changes in energy, Gas Melting Solid Liquid Freezing

  6. Physical processes during heating of a solid/ cooling a gas EXOTHERMIC PROCESSES LIBERATE HEAT Gas is cooled, Gas is e warmod je Freezing - Solid is cooled Liquid is warmed ENDOTHERMIC PROCESSES ABSORB HEAT Melting Solid is

  7. Microscopic and Macroscopic Views of Matter Microscopic view: Matter as a collection of atoms and molecules. Macroscopic view: Associated with the bulk properties like density, entropy, colour etc.

  8. Compressibility: Gas Liquid Solid cti on; density Compa

  9. Solids are characterised by: Definite shape, mass and volume Hardness Low diffusability V Rigidity and Low compressibility VLack of fluidity

  10. Crystalline Solids exist in different shapes There are seven crystal systems