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Soft Skills: What? Why? How? (Part I)
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This lesson will provide an introduction to Soft skills for a basic understanding of its significance.

Dr Priyadarshini Verma
A Teacher & a Learner both. A Researcher by Qualification; A Teacher by Profession; and a Learner by Virtue...

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  2. About me e I submitted my Ph.D, in South Asian Studies lawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi in 2016. I did my M.Phil in South Asian Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi in 2011 I worked as a guest faculty in the S.PM History College, Delhi University. Currently working as Assistant Department Professor for Soft Skills at the GIMT Krishnanagar, West Bengal I enjoy to be a part of a positive teaching-learning system

  3. What are Skills? the ability to do something well; expertise * expertise, skillfulness, expertness, competency, capability, efficiency aptitude, talent, cleverness, smartness, ingenuity, versatility, etc. * Personality development training to do a particular task sustained etfort to smoothly and adaptively carryout various activities or jo functions involving ideas which are cognitive skills, things which form a part of the technical skills or people which involve interpersonal skills

  4. Skills can be of mainly two types Hard Skills .Are specific in nature and can beAre undefined and are non defined Soft Skills specific in nature Also it can be achieved and These basically are personality acquired without trainings traits or attributes, which needs self analysis or can be acquired E.g. Knowledge of computers, or through rigorous trainings any foreign language, academicE knowledge, technical skills, etc E.g. Communication skills, impressive body language, etc

  5. Skilled personality = A right balance of Hard Skills +Soft Skills i.e. Intelligence Quotient (IQ) + Emotional Quotient (EQ)

  6. What are "Hard Skills" and how can one master his/her Hard skills e Hard skills are specific and defined in nature, and basically include technical and other knowledge related skills, These skills can be easily taught or acquired and also doesn't require to leave behind any previous skill to acquire a new one * These include, educational knowledge or skills, specific training based skills, qualifications and degrees, working on projects, etc.

  7. Hard skills are nearly static and are core to the place of work or the job profile. Hard skills are acquired from books, knowledge hubs, educational institutes, training centre, which are designed in such a way so as etc. to excel at any competitive level in a direct manner

  8. What are "Soft Skills"? "Soft Skills" is a recent term, which has become more prominent with a blooming job market in the corporate sector Nowadays, "Soft Skills" trainings are a must even for government organizations like the banking sector, for the bureaucrats, and other public sector employees e Therefore it can be summarized as abilities or skills other than the academic or technical knowledge that are vital not only to secure ood positions and jobs, but also helps perform and deliver the best results, a positive growth within the organization which ensures a successful professional life

  9. Soft skills are undefined, non specific personality traits which cannot be acquired through a specific syllabus or pattern lso these skills are flexible on account of their nature that changes as per the requirements of the workplace environment. * Some of the essential "Soft Skills" are: interpersonal skills, behavioral traits, proper body language, business etiquettes, strong communication skills, negotiation and dealing skills, management of emotions, right attitude, etc

  10. e Therefore in order to be an ideal candidate with a right balance of IQ and EQ one needs to have a sound idea of why is it important to imbibe Soft Skills and How can one imbibe the right kind of skills to become an ideal candidate. We shall discuss it in our next lecture. Stay tuned.