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Social Science Selected Syllabus for CTET, UP-TET, TET's and DSSSB 2019 (in Hindi)
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In this Lesson I have Covered Selected Syllabus of Social Science or Social Studies (CTET & TET's Special 2019) So Keep Preparation Like, Share, Follow, Reviews 👍👍

Learner & Teacher | Graduate+D.Ed | Qualified CTET, DSSSB, KVS | 4+ year Experience as a Assistant Teacher

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awesome course sir jeé
  1. SOCIAL SCIENCE 2019 MCQ, NOTES, SYLLABUS SPECIAL COURSE-16 (1) COURSE-16 (1) By Rekha Kushwaha Like, Share, Follow, Reviews (Verified Star Educator)

  2. CTET & TET'S SPECIAL (Social Science SyllabuS) DSSSB, NVS, KVS, CTET & TET'S SPECIAL 2019

  3. (a) Content (60 Questions) . History . When, Where and How The Earliest Societies The First Farmers and Herders The First Cities Early States

  4. . New ldeas .The First Empire Contacts with Distant lands Political Developments . Culture and Science e New Kings and Kingdoms . Sultans of Delhi Architecture Creation of an Empire

  5. Social Change Regional Cultures .The Establishment of Company Power Rural Life and Society . Colonialism and Tribal Societies The Revolt of 1857-58 Women and reform

  6. Challenging the Caste System The Nationalist Movement India After Independence Geography Geography as a social study and as a science Planet: Earth in the solar system . Globe Environment in its totality: natural and human environment

  7. Air Water Human Environment: settlement, transport and communication Resources: Types-Natural and Humarn Agriculture . Social and Political Life . Diversity Government Local Government

  8. Making a Living * Democracy . State Government Understanding Media Unpacking Gender The Constitution . Parliamentary Government The Judiciary .Social Justice and the Marginalised

  9. (b) Pedagogical issues (20 Questions) Concept & Nature of Social Science/Social Studies Class Room Processes, activities and discourse Developing critical thinking .E nquiry/Empirical Evidence Problems of teaching Social Science/Social Studies Sources - Primary &S rces - Primary & Secondary Projects Work Evaluation

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