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SI units and Types of Motion
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This lesson covers: SI units and Types of Motion.

Roman Saini is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Roman Saini
Part of a great founding team at Unacademy with Gaurav, Hemesh. Movies, Guitar, Books, Teaching.

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Hello sir, likewise previous please try to revise the slide after the completion of 15 questions. It really helps.
Aman Trivedi
a year ago
ok I thought it became boring so avoided it
Singh Himanshu
a year ago
no worries, I did it myself.
sir..revision actually helps a lot..
hello sir how are yo
sir thanks for teaching in english.
Sir i am unable to watch any of videos online at my PC. Is there special software is required. Moreover i want to start preparing for UPSC exam for that i need study material, i dont have anything at present. Please guide me???
sir which publication one should refer for previous years question paper of upsc cse mains and what would be better to purchase solved or unsolved ?? sir please help me through ur answer
sir, which publication should one buy for upsc cse mains and what would be better to refer solved or unsolved ? please rply to this sir as soon as possible
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