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Shivanath River, Central Zoo Authority, Sanjay Gandhi National Park (In Hindi)
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Shivanath River, CZA, Borivali NP

Shiva Singhal
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Ques. 1. Ans. option (b) A DABC - Right Combination As A is not sitting next to C but only next to B which means C can't be next to A either side. Secondly C is not sitting next to Dwhich means C can't be next to D as well either side. Ques. 3. Ans. option (b) Q MQO on any one Row PNR on other row - Right combination PNR - As P is 2nd to the lest of R and N is neighbor to R, that means N will be in middle in one of the rows. And as it is already given that Q is not at the ends of any row that means Q will also be in middle which means that Q will be opposite to N. Ques. 4. Right Combination is RPSQTVXY V sits 6th from the left end and P sits 4th to the left of V. Between R and S there will be one person and S sits 2nd to the right of R. TQXV can't sit in the extreme ends of the line. R is not an immediate neighbor of V and between T & X one person will sit. So correct combination is the above one. Ans. 4 (1) - Position of Q w.r.t. P is 2nd to the right. Ans. 4 (2) - R & Y seated at the extreme ends. Ans. 4 (3) - 3 persons seared between R & T Please discuss if you have any other solution. Also can anyone explain me 2nd Ques.? Thanks :)
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  2. SH VANATH RIVER The Shivnath River is the longest tributary of the Mahanadi River. It was the first river in India whose water rights (23.5 km stretch of the Shivnath River in Durg district, Chhattisgarh) were sold to a private company Radius Water limited (RWL) 1998. The origin of this river is in the 642m high Panabaras hill of Rajnandgaon district's Ambagarh Tehsil This river flows a distance of 40km northwards from its origin towards east to the border of the district in Shivrinarayan and finally meet the Shivnath River.

  3. Shivnath River Sanjay Gandhi NP Central Zoo Authority UPSC CSE #2019 Shiva Singhal

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  5. CENTRAL ZOO AUTHORITY It is an autonomous. Statutory body established in 1992 under the provisions of Wild Life (Protection) Act.1972 to oversee the functioning of Zoos in the country. Every Zoo in the country is required to obtain recognition from the Authority for its operation. Zoos which have no potential to come up to the prescribed standards and norms may be refused recognition and asked to closed down. It provides technical and financial assistance to such zoos which have the potential to attain the desired standard in animal management. The Authority also regulates the exchange of animals of endangered category listed under Schedule-l and Il of the Wildlife (Protection Act) among Zoos. Exchanges of animals between Indian and foreign Zoos is also approved by the Authority before the requisite clearances under Exim policy and the CITES permits are issued by the competent authority.

  6. SANJAY GANDHI NATIONAL PARK SGNP is a vast treasure of flora and in Mumbai city and also provides water to a major part of the city. Constructed way back in the 19th century, the Vihar (1860) and Tulsi (1868) Lakes are located within the forests of SGNP The park was named 'Krishnagiri National Park' in the pre-independence era. Krishnagiri National Park was created I 1974 and later renamed as Borivali National Park in 1981. It was rededicated as 'Sanjay Gandhi Park' in memory of Sanjay Gandhi,the son of ex Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi. Sanjay Gandhi National Park Maharashtra: Situated within the national park is an archeological complex of come 160 rock-cut caves popularly known as the Kanheri Caves. The caves are carved from basalt rock and date from the 1st century BCE to the 10th century CE.The Kanheri Caves in the center of the park were an important Buddist learning center and pilgrimage site sculpted by Buddhist monks.


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  9. Shivnath River Sanjay Gandhi NP Central Zoo Authority UPSC CSE #2019 Shiva Singhal