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Shapiro Reaction
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Shapiro Reaction with Examples and Applications.

Noorul Huda is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Noorul Huda
A chemist with passion of teaching. Currently pursuing Research. Qualified many exams like CSIR-NET(JRF), GATE, TIFR, NDA, etc.

Unacademy user
the reaction favors increase in entropy know?
i have doubt in page no 5, rxn no 5 pls solve it
sir can u plz make a series in which all the rearrangement and name reactions will cover .As u know there are more than 250 organic reactions plz complete at least 100 reactions up to December 2018 csir net examination
Noorul Huda
a year ago
Nice 👍 I'll try to make it available soon
Humera Bukhari
a year ago
thanks will very helpful but plz start it as early as possible
Noorul Huda
a year ago
You're welcome 😊
  1. SHAPIRO Reaction By: Noorul Huda

  2. SHAPIRO Reaction an. In die cel

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  8. Shapiro ono By SY

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