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Pranav Pundarik
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following are the information of x company - profit before interest and tax -20000,rate of tax - 60% , proposed dividend 20%, 9% preference share -1000000, equity share capital - 3000000 ,reserve - 2000000, current market price of share is 200. calculate the equity share capital 1.earning per share.2 book value per share. 3.price earning ratio . 4. earning yield ratio. 5 dividend per share solve it
4 months ago
Is EBIT 20000??
10 correct1 wrong nd 1unanswered . sir ek request tha - pehle bataiye ki gussa nhii honge....... plzz reply. thn I can say
sir second question mei answer 'c' hona chahi hai, assertion right hai
5 months ago
agree with the fact that the assersion is true. but why is the reason false?
4 correct,6 unanswered,2 wrong
6 correct 4 wrong 2 unattended
sir 9 correct and 2 wrong 😅😅
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