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Session 1-Daily MCQ Classes: Banking and Financial Awareness (in HIndi)
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Session 1-Daily MCQ Classes: Banking and Financial Awareness (in HIndi)

Kapil Kathpal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Kapil Kathpal
General Awareness Expert & Top Educator| 8 years Banking Experience|Chartered Financial Analyst/M.Com |Cracked SBI PO/IBPS PO/UPSC CSE Mains

Unacademy user
you taught it very well
sir i have just started preparation for banking and feeling totally nervous where to start and which book should i follow . even though i have been through your strategy course but which book should i borrow to do practice is something what making me nervous . hope you would help me to come from this.
thank you so much sir for this course. this course is very different. questions you are providing in this course are little bit difficult. some questions are not in straight way. the question on other income se im little bit confused. sir please continue this course i liked it so much.
sir banking current affairs ka course pura ho gya ya aur bhi video ayengi usme??
Kapil Kathpal
a year ago
bus oct nd nov ki pending hai.. 3-4 videos maximum...
a year ago
send link of BANKING current
For Long Duration Crops, if payment is not made for 1 crop season it becomes NPA.
  1. Banking & Financial Awareness MCQs IBPS/ SBI/ RBI NABARD Kapil Kathpal

  2. * Credit & Risk Analyst (S.O. Post) in a Public Sector Bank. 7 years Banking experience. . selected as SBI PO and also cracked IBPS PO * Appeared in UPSC Civil Services Mains (2017). Academics: Chartered Financial Analyst (C.F.A.) Masters in Commerce (Accounting & Business Statistics) Diploma in Treasury, Investment & Risk Management. JAIIB & CAIIB. Follow me on Unacademy: https: // VERIFIED ppttcom

  3. Banking & Financial Awareness MCQs IBPS/ SBI/ RBI NABARD Kapil Kathpal

  4. The main function of commercial bank can be segregated into I. payment system. Il. financial intermediation. ll. financial services. Select the correct answer using the codes given below (a) I, Il and II (b) I and IlI (c) I and II (d) Il and III (e) None of these

  5. As reported in some major financial newspapers, many times it is said that "Other Income" boosts the profit of a bank to a substantial level. What is this other income for a bank? (1) Commission for selling insurance policies (2) Fee for providing various services (like ATM/Extra cheque (3) Interest on advances and loans etc) (a) Only (1) (b) Only (2) (c) Both (1) & (2) (d) Only (3) (e) All (1), (2) & (3)

  6. RBl's open market operation transactions are carried out with a view to regulate (a) liquidity in the economy (b) prices of essential commodities conflation (c) borrowing power of the banks (d) All of the above (e) None of the above

  7. A Bill of Exchange in which a bank orders its branch or another bank, as the case may be, to pay a specified amount to a specified person or to the order of the specified person is called (a) cheque (b) bankdraft (c) promissory note (d) insurance (e) None of the above

  8. Many Regional Rural Banks are given licence to open branches in small cities and towns. These licences are given by (a) Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (b) Reserve Bank of India (c) NABARD (d) Indian Banks' Association (e) None of the above

  9. The basic aim of Lead Bank Scheme is that (a) big banks should try to open offices in each district (b) there should be stiff competition among the various nationalised banks (c) individuals banks should adopt particular districts for intensive development (d) all the banks should make intensive efforts to mobilise deposits e) None of the above

  10. Many times, we hear about the 'Banking Ombudsman'. What is/are the major roles of same? I. Banking Ombudsman is a quasi-judicial authority having powers to summon, the banks and the customers both in case of dispute. The Banking Ombudsman are appointed by the President of India and are retired judges of the High or Supreme Courts. Il. l. The decisions/judgements given by the Banking Ombudsman cannot be taken to any court of justice as their decisions are last in case of bank related problems disputes. Select the correct answer using the codes given below (a) Onlyl (b) Only II (c) Only III (d) All of these (e) None of these

  11. Whenever some people wish to enter into the business world, it is a must for them to approach a bank. What services do banks provide them in this regard? (1) Banks act as payment agents by operating current accounts, paying cheques and receiving payments for them (2) Maintaining account books for them for their day-to-day activities so that they are not required to appoint account/ finance personnel on a regular basis (3) Lending money by way of overdraft, instalment loan, credit or advance for business activities (a) Only (1) (b) Only (2) (c) Only (3) (d) Only (1) & (3) (e) All of these

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