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Sentence Improvement - Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Vijendra Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vijendra Singh
Teaching at Sanctum English Jaipur for three and half years. 600 selections so far in SSC & Bank exams. SUTRA - Read write read write .....

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water day is on 22 march..plz correct if wrong

  1. Directions (1-15): Which of the phrases (a), (b) and (c) given below should replace the phrase given in bold in the following sentence to make the sentence grammatically correct. If the sentence is correct as it is and no correction is required mark (d) as the answer. Q1. I would love (to availing) a short holiday, and go for an overnight trek. (a) to avail myself of (b) to avail of (c) to avail myself (d) No Improvement Q2. I don't want an award (for help to you (a) to have helped you (b) for helping you (c) for helping to you (d) No improvement

  2. Q3. The guide's (knowledge) of the history of the monument surprised me. (a) knowing (b) familiarity (c) know how (d) No improvement Q4. When I (go) to Paris, I shall visit the Eiffel Tower (a) shall go (b) will be going (c) have to go (d) No improvement Q5. It has been a long (ago) I last saw you (a) time (b) since (c) before (d) No improvement

  3. Q6. If the screen (was any brighter), it would have been easier to read from the tablet. (a) was bright enough (b) was more brighter (c) had been brighter (d) No improvement Q7. Please pass me that (scissors). (a) scissor (b) pair of scissor (c) pair of scissors (d) No improvement Q8. She (has fallen out with) the boy she was supposed to marry. (a) fell out with (b) has fallen out of (c) has fallen in with (d) No improvement

  4. Q9. I understood a good deal of (what was going on) about me. (a) that which was going oin (b) what has had been going on (c) what that has been going on (d) No improvement Q10. The (van's doors) are loose. (a) van-doors (b) door of the van (c) doors of the van (d) No improvement Q11. Ajay told the manager that he would not mind (standing and eat) the lunch (a) standing and eating (b) stand and eating (c) to stand and eat (d) No improvement

  5. Q12. People in some rural areas don't get water to drink, (besides) many people in urban areas have water even for their pools. (a) and (b) whereas (c) where (d) No Q13. You are what you (have eaten). (a) will eat (b) eat (c) shall eat (d) No improvement Q14. This palace (has been belonging) to our family since generations. (a) has belonging (b) has belonged (c) belonged (d) No improvement

  6. Q15. The management would prefer (you finishing) the project on time. (a) that you finish (b) you had finished (c) that you could finish (d) No improvement Part 2 Q1. She was unhappy even after she married into an accommodative and caring family (a) remained unhappy (b) existed in unhappiness (c) continued her sadness (d) No improvement Q2. I was first to reach the college today. (a) I was the first to reach (b) I firstly reached (c) I did firstly reached (d) No improvement

  7. Q3. The cities are bursting on the seams with people. (a) bursting on seams (b) bursting at seams (c) bursting at the seams (d) No improvement Q4. Let his failure be a lesson to you all. (a) to all of you (b) to all you people (c) to all you (d) No improvement Q5. He started at the bottom rung of the ladder and then gained success. (a) bottom rung of the stair (b) lower rung of the ladder (c) lower rung of the stair. (d) No improvement

  8. Q6. The rain brought more respite from the heat (a) much respite (b) most relief (c) severe drought (d) No improvement Q7. She decided to go there, though her husband cautioned her on it (a) against (b) for (c) about (d) No improvement Q8. We insist on you leaving the meeting immediately (a) you to leave (b) your leaving (c) you leave (d) No improvement

  9. Q9. However, great you may be, you cannot trifle on a man's feelings. (a) trifle along (b) trifle upon (c) trifle with (d) No improvement Q10. In order to get into the gang, the boy had to perform the sanguine task of stabbing a man to death (a) capital (b) sanguinary (c) akin (d) No improvement Q11. Being the only girl in the team, Reema is cuddle by everyone. (a) mollycoddled (b) mollified (c) dispelled (d) No improvement

  10. Q12. The majority of the rain-fed Indian rivers, either dry up, or become trickle after the monsoon (a) the trickle (b) a trickle (c) a drizzle (d) No improvement Q13. The tribe lived with different customs. (a) on (b) by (c) through (d) No improvement Q14. Despite his father's financial assistance he was always hard on (a) hard in (b) hard up (c) hard out (d) No improvement

  11. 215. When in doubt check it up with a good dictionary (a) check it up in (b) check it in (c) check it with (d) No improvement Part 3 Q1. Both the families were invited but neither (had accepted) our invitation. (a) accepted (b) did accept (c) has accepted (d) No improvement

  12. Q5. Perhaps the wolf (was waiting) to spring upon him (a) had been waited (b) has waited (c) could be waiting (d) No improvement O6. Each of our (trainee pay theirs) tuition fee at the beginning of the course. (a) trainees pay theirs (b) trainee pays theirs (c) trainees pays his (d) No improvement Q7. Hardly had she finished her dinner (then) the doorbell rang (a) than (b) when (c) while (d) No improvement

  13. Q14. Mr. Shah (is having) two houses. (a) has (b) got (c) has been having (d) No improvement Q15. Contrast this work of art (to) that. (a) for (b) with (c) by (d) No improvement

  14. Q7. The gentry of the town was invited. (a) is invited (b) has been invited (c) were invited (d) No improvement Q8. He was too glad to see his friend. (a) very glad (b) so glad (c) to glad (d) No improvement Q9. Suraj looked at Sunil with a question. (a) questioningly (b) questionably (c) wistfully (d) No improvement

  15. Q10. You must endure what you cannot cure (a) accept (b) suffer (c) prevail (d) No improvement Q11. The Sutlej has changed its path. (a) journey (b) course (c) line (d) No improvement Q12. The boss impatiently told him to get up with his work. (a) to get on (b) to get by (c) to get under (d) No improvement

  16. Q13. Owing to his respiratory problems the doctor has told him to refrain from smoking. (a) to not refrain from (b) to refrain to (c) refrain from (d) No improvement Q14. I was impressed of it. (a) by (b) on (c) to (d) No improvement Q15. The fire service personnel put off the fire with much difficulty. (a) Put orn (b) Put out (c) Put away (d) No improvement

  17. Q4. You should avail of every opportunity to practice your skill. (a) avail yourself of (b) avail overselves (c) avail (d) No improvement 05. A few word of gratitude are enough to express vour feelings sincerely. (a) Few word of (b) a few words of (c) the few word (d) No improvement Q6. Sunrise is a great phenomena. (a) Phenomenon (b) Phenomenons (c) Phenomenas (d) No improvement

  18. Q7. Your would better gone now or you'll be late. (a) to go (b) go (c) going (d) No improvement Q8. We went there with a view to survey the entire procedure. (a) have been surveyed the entire (b) surveying the entire (c) surveying a entire (d) No improvement Q9. One third of the students has passed (a) Have passed (b) Kindly enough (c) enough kindly (d) No improvement

  19. Q13. The teacher asked them to stop write as soon as the peon long the bell (a) to have stopped writing (b) to stop writing (c) to stop written (d) No improvement Q14. Sonu would had got this offer if he had attended the interview. (a) Would have had (b) Would (c) Would have (d) No improvement 15. I have my own house, Don't I? (a) Hasn't I (b) Haven't I (c) Didn't I (d) No improvement

  20. Q4. I made him to do the project against his wishes. (a) to be done (b) to have done (c) do (d) No improvement Q5. The fact that he can't be able to sing is known only to very few people. (a) is not able to (b) couldn't be able to (c) can't be (d) No improvement Q6. You would better gone now or you'll be late. (a) to go (b) go (c) going (d) No improvement

  21. Q7. The Vice Principal decided to resign when he was passed over for promotion to Principal. (a) passed by (b) passed off (c) passed out (d) No improvement Q8. His career saw a temporary soar in 2015 when he was unable to make any big scores (a) apex (b) slumjp (c) upturn (d) boom Q9. Please give my regard to your parents when you see them (a) aspersion (b) grimace (c) regards (d) reproach

  22. Q10. Hands probed his body from top to bottom (a) misconducted (b) pested (c) realm (d) No Improvement 011. When my wife is angry with me, she will conciliate my attempts to get back in her favour (a) hubbub (b) rebuff (c) contend (d) bolste:r Q12. Even though she beat cancer, she still dealt with dizziness from her battle. (a) vigor (b) ambuscade (c) barrette (d) debility

  23. Q13. The belfried mother treated her child like a princess, despite the fact that she risked spoiling her (a) besotted (b) bestride (c) botched (d) crucified Q14. If only I had known about your arrival, I may have come to the station to receive you (a) would (b) have had (c) would have (d) No improvement