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Sentence Improvement New questions - Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Vijendra Singh
Teaching at Sanctum English Jaipur for three and half years. 600 selections so far in SSC & Bank exams. SUTRA - Read write read write .....

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sir next videos bhi uploaded kro plz
M S Mustafaa
a year ago
sir i think in second que we should use "should"
  1. Phrase Replacement Prepared from The Hindu, The Economist, Mint, Frontline & Business Line

  2. 1. A robust regulatory framework governing the gaming sector will ensure that people do not fall prey for the excesses of gambling. a)people do not fall pray to b) people do not fall pry to clpeople do not fall preyer to d) people do not fall prey to e) No Improvement 2. TheLaw Commission of India's endeavour to study the issue of whether or not gambling and betting should be legalised by the country is therefore a timely initiative to start the process of a much-needed reformm a)should have legalised in the country b) would be legalised in the country c)might be legalised in the country d) should be legalised in the country e)No Improvement

  3. 3. Gambling and betting is mostly done surreptitiously, and is said to be controlled by underworld syndicates who use the unaccounted money earned from gambling activities for nefarious activities like terror financing. a)to be controlled b) to be controlled c)to be controlled d) to be controlled e) No Improvement 4. No background check is going to reveal if you are dealing with a bad guy or a good guy. a)Whether b) Unless c) Until d) However e)No Improvement

  4. 5. High security is inconvenient and painful but is worthy the money spent on it if the reputation of an organisation has to be protected. a)is worth the money spent on it b) is worth the money spending on it c)is worth the money spent by it d) is worth the money spent for it e) No Improvement 6. Terminal facilities are also duly inadequate a)Woefully b) ruefully c) Delightfully d. No Improvement Private players can underpin terminal development, cargo and passenger handling, and building low-draft vessels and related repair facilities a)Undergo b) undertake c)Underplay d) No Improvement

  5. 8. For private developers, support infrastructure such as utilities, power, and last-mile connectivity are vital for terminals, and States need to take in for this a) chip c) pitch d) No Improvement b) duck 9. In many States, there are ferry services on national waterways, but these are mostly unorganised country boats. a) at b) of c) with d) No Improvement 10. The Centre and States need to join hands to package and market river tourism in a big way to wager a virtuous cycle. a) dredge b) trigger c) track d) No Improvement

  6. 11. According to the researchers, our neurons were wired in such a way that they do not allow us to become instantaneously proficient when learning a new task. a)are wired in such a way that b) are wired in such way that c)are wired in such way as d) are wiring in such a way that e)No Improvement 12. Just as it takes time to train a person to swing a squash racket like an expert, it took time to train one's neurons to produce the ideal activity patterns a)it takes money to train b) it takes time to train c)that takes time to train d) it taken time to train e)No Improvement

  7. 13. The researchers suggest that by repurposing neuron patterns, which it's already capable of generating, the brain applies a "quick and dirty fix" to the new problem its facing a)it's faced b) that's faced c)it's facing d) that's faced e) No Improvement 14. What purpose is served by such practicals need not ratify anyone who knows our system a. justify b. Mystify c. Specify d. Sanctify e. No Improvement 15. The main purpose is to complete a casual required for Board exams.

  8. a. visual b. Ritual c. Actual d. fictional e. No Improvement 16. The outcome of a practical is fully known while the practical starts. a. when b. Unless c. Before d. against e. No improvement 17. Such knowledge should be put to work in identified the source of the leak a)for identifying b) to identify clto have identified d) in identifying e) No Improvement 18. There obviously was an internal source or accomplice in the entire solid episode. a)Splendid b. Profanity c. Gelicd

  9. d. Sordid e. No Improvement 19. That source have to be identified by the CBSE using its own internal resources a)has to identify b) has to have been identified c)has to have identified d) has to be identified e)No Improvement 20. The Niagara River is part of the Great Lakes Basin, carved out from the melting water of ancient ice sheets that retreated A. B. towards the end of the last Ice Age. carved out from the melt water carved out by the melting water

  10. C. D. E. carved out of the melted water carved out from the melted water No Improvement 21. The basins of the Great Lakes were gouged out from retreated ice, a gradual process that happened between 18,000 and 12,500 years ago. A. were gouged out by retreating ice B. was gouged out from retreating ice C. were gouged out by retreated ice D. were gouged out from retreating ice E. No Improvement

  11. 22. Mulling over these thoughts, I make my way across the emerald green grass, sidestepping the beautiful flower beds, by the street getting myself an ice cream A. by the street to get B. along the street to get C. across the street to get D. to the street to get E. No Improvement 23. A close integration of mind and intelligence is what makes a good leader, who should excel in leading the mind and intelligence of his team A. B. C. D. E. that make a good leader, who that makes a good leader, who what make a good leader, which that make a good leader, which No lmprovement

  12. 24. Intelligence is the only agency for acting to the mind, eliminating undesirable traits and imbuing emotional strength, stability and poise. A. for act to the mind B. to acting to the mind C. to act on the mind D. to act to the mind E. No Improvement 25. An exemplary leader is concerned much to sustainable growth, beneficial to society at large. A. more with sustainable B. more to sustainable C. much with sustainable D. more for sustainable E. No Improvement

  13. 28. In seeing opportunities to reaching out to others with trouble or pain, you experience more optimism and fulfilment and hope in dealing with your own problems A. to reach out to others with trouble B. to reach out to others under trouble C. to reaching out to others in trouble D. to reach out to others in trouble E. No Improvement 29. When jealousy surfaces, an intelligent and spiritual person will definitely work on himself and try his best to being over of it, and foolishness is to continue to indulge in it A. B. C. D. E. be over of it, and being out of it, and be out of it, but be out from it, but No lmprovement

  14. 34. The 14th Finance Commission had also given a 10% weightage for the 2011 Census in its calculations and there was no discernible impact upon allocations of the more populous States such as Uttar Pradesh and Bihar A. upon allocations for the more B. on allocations of the more C. on allocations for the more D. on allocations to the more E. No Improvement 35. Along the way, he found inspiration in a distant relative, who he calls Uncle Ted, a distance runner who Romero first saw running around a race track A. that he calls B. what he calls C. why he call:s D.whom he calls E. No Improvement

  15. 40. Managers have asked to choose their large-cap and mid-cap stocks from an approved list, published every six months. A. have been asking to choose B. have been asked to choose C. have been asked choose D. have asked choose E. No Improvement 41. In the 1970s, India just got a substantive report on women's women's issues, titled "Towards Equality", prepared by experts of the position over womerds Equality", prepared position over women in every sphere of India's development. A. by experts to the position on B. by experts for the position of C. by experts on the position for D. by experts on the position of E No Improvement

  16. 42. A bystander may divert the person who is harassing the victim simply by going up to the culprit and seeking directions for a place, or asking for the time. A. by going to B. by going on to C. by going near to D. b No Improvement 43. We came away from the meeting inspired to fight apathy and do y going past to whenever we could to be a good and positive bystander when someone needed help A. do whatever we could to be B. do whenever we could to C. do whatever we could to D. do whatever we could be E. No Improvement

  17. 44. The construction sector lacks transparency, and millions of buyers standing cheated in the hands of builders every year a)stand cheating b) stand to cheat c)standing to cheat d) stand cheated e) No Improvement 45. With a trade war-like situation emerging between the US and China, and MNCs looking at alternative manufacturing locations, there is no better time for India to give a big push to manufacturing. a.Looking for b. Looking after c. Looking out d. Looking towards e. No Improvement

  18. 48. Demonetisation may have aimed at weeding out black money, but perpetuating dependency on the 02,000 note ignores an age-old heuristic for currency management that every denomination should be 2 to 2.5 times its preceding denomination a)would have been aimed at weeding out b) may have been aimed at weeding out c)may have been aimed for weeding out d) e) No Improvement may have been aimed by weeding out 49. The current cash crunch showed how the consequences of the overnight demonetisation of November 8-9, 2016 continue to haunt us a)shows how the consequences for b) shows why the consequences of c) shows how the consequences of d) shows how the consequences to el No Improvement

  19. 50. This is the third year in a row that they can look forward to a high output for a variety of crops, although fiscal realities have come in the way to realising higher farm incomes a)have come to the way of b) have come in the way of c) have come from the way of d) have come to the way for e)No Improvement 51. From a water management perspective, though, this trend had led to a skew towards these crops, which are heavily dependent on groundwater. a)this trend has held to a b) this trend has lead to a c)this trend has led to d) this trend has been led to a e)No Improvement

  20. 54. In the U.S., where shale gas has commercially exploited for two decades, the prices of fuel and electricity have dropped A. B. has been commerciallyv exploiting have commercially exploited D. E. have been commercially exploiting has been commercially exploited No Improvement 55. The Supreme Court of India has ruled that every person had the right to enjoving pollution-free water and air A. has the right to enjoying B. has the right of enjoying C. has the right to enjoy D. has the right for enjoying E. No Improvement

  21. 58. Competitiveness in the context of the global marketplace with our access of markets will be the test by which viability of any future investment will be proven. A. as well as our access to B. with our access to C. as well as our access of D. by our access to E No Improvement 59. It is easy to see why this mean when we note that in any homogeneous population, the right to treatment as an equal would entail also the right to equal treatment. A. B. C. D. how this means why this means What this mean what this means E. No Improvement

  22. 60. One of the most contentious issues in India's constitutional law and government policy have been the one related to caste- based reservations in education and employment. A. B. C. D. E. have the one related has been the one relating have been the one relating has been the one related No Improvement 61. A theory of equality that takes to board the reality of heterogeneity is thereby enabled to resolve the apparent contradiction between inter-personal and inter-group equality. A. which takes to B. which takes over C. that takes over D.which takes on E. No Improvement

  23. 62. Continuing high government borrowing will put pressure on the cost of money and crowd out private investment. A. Continue high B. Continued high C. Continued higher D. Continuing higher E. No Improvement 63. Bangladesh has become one of Asia's much remarkable and unexpected success stories in recent years A. one of Asia's more B. one of Asia's high C. o D. one of Asia's most E. No Improvement ne of Asia's highest

  24. 64. Once one of poorest region of Pakistan, Bangladesh remained an economic basket case-wracked by poverty and famine-for many years after independence in 1971. A. the poorest regions of B. the poorest region of C. the poor region of D. the poor regions of E. No Improvement