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Section B - Nuclear Chemistry (in Hindi)
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2 important sawaal Nuclear Chemistry aur Analytical Chemistry Se. Q21 and Q22

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A Sethi
PhD Chemistry (In Progress). Cracked tons of entrances like BITSAT, NDA, IIT-JAM, GATE, BARC, TIFR, DRDO among many others.

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great mam.... thanku so much mam....
Pooja Rawat
2 months ago
Thanks for appreciating Manoj..
Sir please आप एक बार Per and mossbaeur Spectroscopy पर lecture series बनाना but in Hindi
epr and mossbaeur Spectroscopy in hindi
Nice Explanation😊😊
A Sethi
9 months ago
Thank You
why not in english sir?
A Sethi
a year ago
Available in English as well
Arimita Samanta
a year ago
can't find in english??where it is??
Sir can u plzz provide link from where I can download Huheey
  1. 21. Among the following nuclear reactions of thermal neutrons, the cross section is highest for 1. 92U235+ 0n1 92U235+0n1 2. 92U235+ 0n l 92U236 92 90 22. Spectrophotometric monitoring is not suitable to determine the end point of titration of 1. oxalic acid vs potassium permanganate 2. iron(II) vs 1,10-phenanthroline 3. cobalt(II) vs eriochrome black T 4. nickel(II) vs dimethylglyoxime 2. Se 4. As 3. P 23. Thefirst ionization energy is the lowest for 2. Se 4. As 3. P

  2. 23S 94 o te Pink Pupl chne in col