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Science and Technology Made Easy - The Overview (in Hindi)
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This lesson gives an overview of course on Science and Technology made easy In lessons which I have talked about supersonic, there I means speed more than sound not light.

Graduate in Biology Pursuing M.Sc. in Zoology Power is gained by sharing knowledge not hoarding it.

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good morning mam and happy teachers day..mam many of teachers says that ki iron ki discovery bahuuut bad me huyi thi and you say ki vedic age me ho gayi thi??? mam please clear my doubt about this.
9 months ago
yes later vedic period me ho gye thi
9 months ago
thank you :)
9 months ago
The discovery of iron dates back to as early as 1200 BC. The first form of iron known to ancient man was wrought iron. The Iron Age in India is denoted as the Indus valley Civilization.
  1. THE OVERVIEW Science and Technology Made Easy By: AAKRIT

  2. About Me: * Name: AAKRITI .Completed graduation in Biology Pursuing post graduation with zoology Power is gained by sharing knowledge not hoarding it

  3. About Course: It will contain all the science and technology related news articles,magazines,etc. Topics related to Static science and technology . New discoveries and inventions or studies Etc.

  4. Target audience: UPSC CSE Aspirants UPSC CDS Aspirants Other competitive exam aspirants People interested in science and technology news

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