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Science and Technology Defence Part-3 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson discuss the Science and Technology Mcq's with brief explanation.

Vishal Garg is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vishal Garg
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3/5 bahut bahut Shukriya Sir...
In lessons ko daily sunne ke liye aapko bhi tahe dil se shukriya Yasmeen ji....
Yasmeen Hafeez
2 years ago
Sir mostly hum Hindi medium aspirants topics aur issues Mei confused​rehte hain kyunki koi authentic source nahi milta, achchi books bhi limited availabile Hain.. par aapne wahi doubts aur confusion ko clear karke tricky way Mei mnemonic banaae ka raasta bataya Hai.. aise hi maargdarshak hon to raah Asaan lagti h thodi...
Aapke is comment ka reply karne ke liye meine abhi abhi ye chaar line likhi hain ---- तुम्हारी मंज़िल आसां करने का जिम्मा उठाया है, इसलिए तो एक एक पत्थर को राह से उठाया है, जरा एक बार पीछे मुड़कर तो देखो, उन पत्थरों का बोझ अपनी पीठ पे उठाया है|| :-)
Yasmeen Hafeez
2 years ago
wah wah Sir aapto shayar bhi Hain.. Mashallah...Yun Zindagi ki raah Asaan nahi Hoti, koshish karne walon ki haar nahi Hoti, mil jaaye gar saath mukammal hasti ka to naa ummeedi mayoosi kabhi saath nahi Hoti..
Awesome, aapki shairi ka bhi javab nahi!! Aur Roman sir hain is shairi ke - "Mukammal Hasti" :-)
Yasmeen Hafeez
2 years ago
Ji par aap bhi hain
Thank you soooooooo much :-) bas mein koshish karunga ki issi tarah se achche lessons banata rahu :-)
Yasmeen Hafeez
2 years ago
Usha Krong
2 years ago
Sir thank you very much for your efforts
Thank you soo much Usha for listening the lesson and also thanks a lot for again coming back to Unacademy after a very long time!! Hope you continue listening the lessons :-)
Usha Krong
2 years ago
Most welcome sir Sir your explanations are superb So easy and comfortable Sir please do a favor. Can you explain pressure belts and wind system? Please sir
Ok, I'll try to cover it in some upcoming videos. Meanwhile, you can listen this topic here
Usha Krong
2 years ago
Thank you sir
Yasmeen Hafeez
2 years ago
wow Sir Mashallah you are favrt of all students... I told u na u r one of my fvrts... aise hi muskuraate hue hamai padhaate rahiyega.. learning a lot from you...
Thank you Yasmeen :-) bas ye hi aasha karta hun ki issi tarah se continue karta rahu iss course ko aap sabhi ke aashirvaad se... :-)
  1. Vishal Carn B.Tech (Mech Verified & Star Educator Railway Category Expert unacademy

  2. Science & Technoloau Defense Space

  3. Science & Technology for Railway and SSC By Vishal Garg (Verified Educator)

  4. Target Audience Railway aspirants SSC CCL aspirants UPSC aspirants UPPSC aspirants

  5. What is the name of the Light Combat Aircraft developed by India indigenously? (a) Brahmos (c) Astra (b) Chetak (d) Tejas Expl-The HAL Tejas is a lightweight multirole fighter developed by India. It is a tailless, compound delta wing design powered by a single engine. It came from the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Programme, which began in the 1980s to replace India's against MiG-21 fighters. Later the LCA was officially named Tejas', meaning Radiance' by then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vainayee

  6. Which one of the following shipyards builds warships for Indian Navy? (a) Mazgaon Dock, Mumbai (b) Cochin Shipyard (c) Hindustan Shipyard, Vishakhapatnam (d) Garden Reach Workshop, Kolkata Exple-Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Limited (GRSE) is one of India's leading shipyards, located in Kolkata West Bengal. It builds and repairs commercial and navals vessels Founded in 1884 as a small privately owned company on the Eastern Bank of the Hughly river, it was renamed as Garden Reach Workshop in 1916. The company was nationalised by the

  7. Which of the following is the first missile which has been developed in India? (a) Akaslh (c) Agni (b) Prithvi (d) Trishul Expl:-The Prithvi missile is a family of tactical surface to surface Short-Range Ballistic Missiles (SRBM) and is India's first indigenously developed ballistic missile. Development of the Prithvi began in 1983 and it was first test-fired on 25th February, 1988 from Sriharikota, SHAR Centre, Potti Sreeramulu Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh

  8. It has a range of upto 150 to 300 km. The land variant is calle Prithvi while the naval operational variant of Prithvi I and Prith II class missiles are code-named Dhanush (meaning Bow). A missiles programme under DRDC

  9. Air Force Academy is located in (a) Hyderabad (c) Kakinada (b) Coimbatore (d) Mumbai formidable reputation as the premier institution of Indian Ai force. It is situated 43 km from Hyderabad since, Inception in 1971

  10. Which of the following is a stealth aircraft virtually undetectable even by radar ? (a) B-2 Spirit (b) B1-B Lancer (c) B-52 Stratofortrees (d) FA-18 Hornets Expl:- The North rop Grumman B-2 Spirit also known as th stealth technology designed for penetrating dense antiaircraf defenses. It is able to deploy both conventional and nuclea weapons.

  11. what is Barak'? (a) Abarrage on river Brahmaputra (b) A peak in Kargil (c) A ship- based missile systei (d) Residential Complex of an Army Unit Expl: Barak is an Indo-Israeli Surface to Surface Missie designed to defend against aircraft, anti-ship missiles and UAVS