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Sankhya Darshana Part -1(in Hindi)
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Indian school of philosophy part 2 (In Hindi)

Navneeta Tripathi
P.G in Edu,Eco& Bachelor in Education UGC-NET in Education Learner,writer,reader,singer,sports lover&so on

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ma'am indian school of philosophy part-1 is not available..plzz share link..plzzzz
Navneeta Tripathi
2 months ago
All parts are available please do check properly
Mam part 1 of philosophy ni mila or kya aap in parts k hindi notes upload kr skte hai plz
Thank you very much mam New syllabus k video kab start karogiiiii
Navneeta Tripathi
3 months ago
Already started on YouTube
Soniara Farhad
3 months ago
please send link me
Navneeta Tripathi
3 months ago
Already shared on news feed plz do check
Vijay Rawat
3 months ago
Ma'am aap ka YouTube pe jo channel ka kya name hai.....?
mam, indian school of philosophy part 1 nhi mil rha h!
Navneeta Tripathi
3 months ago
All parts are available plz do watch ..
  1. Indian School Of Philosophy Part-2 By- Navneeta Tripathi Sankhy a Darshana part-1 User ID

  2. Sankhya Philosophy Metaphysics Three basic elements- Vyakta, Avyakta, Gyeya . Gyeya- spirit Avyakta- Prakriti or matter Vayakta- consequence of activity and cause of tradition Vyakta is of 23 type:s In Sankhya philosophy there is 25 elements

  3. Sankhya Philosophy Metaphysics Twenty five elements are as follows . : 1. matter 2. Vikriti- hand, foot, voice, anus, gentile, eye, ear, nose, tongue, skin, mind, earth, water, energy, air, space Prakriti-vikriti- self-conscious or ego, intellect, sound, touch, form, taste and smell 7 Soirit- neither Prakriti nor Vikriti Vikriti comes out of matter*

  4. Sankhya Philosophy Metaphysics Deliverance from worldly miseries is possible . Through true knowledge of 25 elements True knowledge leads to salvation Purush (spirit) is complete and unattached

  5. Sankhya Philosophy Metaphysics e Principle of Satkaryavad' or Theory of causation e Cosmic Intelligence

  6. Sankhya Philosophy Metaphysics Theory of causation or 'Satkaryavad' e Prakriti in balanced state ,there is no change When balance disturbed some activity takes place Cause & effect relationship between the Vyakta & Avyakta prakriti Effect not separated from cause Inherent or latent in cause

  7. Sankhya Philosophy Metaphysics Theory of causation or Satkarvavad, Sankhya philosophy doesn't agree cause depends on will of God Effect resulting from cause means- present action is the result of some latent cause Matter i.e. Prakriti is imperceptible ut its existence can be proved

  8. Sankhya Philosophy Metaphysics Cosmic Intelligence . Acc to Sankhya philosophy union of Prakriti & Purusa leads to evolution of 'Intelligence This 'Intelligence' in Sankhya known as "Cosmic Intelligence After the intelligence evolution of 'Ahankara' or self-consciousness

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